Informative Cheerleading Speech

I. Introduction.

GO! FIGHT! WIN! Are three main words that we as cheerleaders use when we practice our sport. Cheerleaders in the united states use many different styles, stunts, yells, chants and many other motions that are meant to entertain the crowd or prep up the team. Personally, cheerleading is the best sport that one can get involved in. From front hand springs to sideline motions, cheering can open up numerous opportunities that we all only can imagine. Cheering can brings joy, hope, and sometimes, even change the course of an athletic event.

The history of cheer is unknown to many, but today I will like to embark on a journey that will get you one toe touch closer to completely understanding the history and present state of the sport, cheer and its impact on many different things.

II. Body.

A. The intense sport cheerleading started off as an all male sport at Princeton university in February of 1877. According to epicsports.

com, The sport came about after a group of male students attended a football game that a lot of their friends played in, the guys started showing strong support for their friends by yelling, clapping, and howling organized chants that was meant to keep the football team encouraged and always ready to play a good game no matter the circumstances. Johnny Campbell the leader of the group, went to the office of athletic sports and requested that his new sport be added to the game rituals including basketball, football, soccer, and baseball.

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The board reviewed his appeal and approved for him and his friend to get pants suits with stripes and sweaters with the words “Princeton u” on them. But they later appealed that the sport can not be practiced at baseball and soccer games because of the dangers of head injuries to the cheerleaders.

B. Although cheering started off as a sport that was only practiced by male college students, the sport had a drastic change in 1923 when females started to participate in…

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Informative Cheerleading Speech
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