I am doing my project over cheerleading Cheerleading has a bunch of

I am doing my project over cheerleading. Cheerleading has a bunch of different quantities of genetics and different measurements than I very much thought it would. There are a lot of things you have to learn and know to be able to do dangerous things in cheerleading.

Stunting is a very important thing in cheerleading. Stunting helps with muscles and quick learning . It can also help with a lot of other things also like accuracy , velocity , reflexes and just little everyday things you can do but in cheer.

Tumbling in cheer is also a really big thing . Tumbling helps build momentum , be stronger , run faster and a bunch of skills . If you practice tumbling daily you will be really good at it in the future . If you work on how high you want your tuck it will get higher. If you practice on speed shoot for more back handsprings and whip faster.

Jumping is the fun thing about cheer. In cheer you get to see how high your jumps are or see how high you can get them.

Hyper extending your jumps and pointing your toes is really pretty. Hyper extending means your legs are higher than the middle of where your jump was or is supposed to be . If you flex your feet your most likely going to look like a starfish out of water . For that reason your arms go out in front of you and your legs jump up and hit a jump . Example : Toe touch , right hurdler , Pike , left hurdler , left hurkie and right hurkie.

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Those are the basic jumps but there are tons more. Another cool thing in cheerleadong is choreography and the songs.

Choreography is like movement other than the actual basics of cheer. Your doing hip hop or shaking your booty. So when you learn a dance you put it into the routine and it gives it more of a spice up .

The reason I picked cheer for my topic is because I find cheer very fun and interesting. Cheerleading is one of my everyday sports that I do. So I figured why not . Plus my teacher kind of helped me .But anyways back to the point . Cheerleading is a really fun , spirited , hard and encouraging sport. People thinks it easy to be on a stage running everywhere really fast and getting it all done in two minutes. Which isnt the case. Cheer has stradegies that you have to learn or know . You have to learn how to base , do a backhandspring , do a toe touch. You have to learn and practice to get better at it. If you dont well then you can get hurt. If your laughing anf giggling in a stunt , while tumbling , or doing a jump , you can get hurt or hurt someone else. That isnt good what so ever. Thats why you be careful , practice and take cheerleading serious . If anyone ever gets hurt then you could lose someone because they had hurt or broken something , then you wont have enough people on your cheer team and you cant perform a stunt or a tumbling pass without them . So dont mess around and play when your not supposed to , listen to your coach , and pay very close attention . If you dont get what she is saying , ask her . Just make sure everything goes right and not wrong . Even if you fail or fall get right back up . Thats why I think this project was successful . I worked hard , put in effort , and wanted a real big A on my final grade . I hope this concludes of my two page MlA 12 double spaced essay. Hope you find it amazing . xoxo

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