Process Analysis: Cheerleading

As a part of being a cheerleader for 17 years you acquire many new and sometimes frightening skills. The forward roll is one of the more basic skills, and the skills get more difficult ranging from the cartwheel and back-walkover all the way to the standing full. We are going to focus on my favorite; the back-handspring. To do this skill you need: killer leg and arm support, stomach muscles like no other, an I can do this attitude, daredevil intuition, a certified spotter (this person helps aid you in learning your skill so you can eventually do it on your own), a couple of bandages here and there, and a huge abundance of courage.

Without these mastering the back-handspring could take a very long time.

A back-handspring is a tumbling pass that can be achieved either running or standing. A running roundoff back-handspring is a little more easier because you get more momentum from the speed and the roundoff to flip backwards and over.

A standing back-handspring, on the other hand, takes way more arm and leg muscles due to the fact that you can only squat, jump backwards, and flip over. We are going to learn a standing back-handspring since you have to know how to do a standing first to be able to do a running.

First, you want to make sure you are wearing the proper attire because jeans and tumbling are two things that just do not go together. I remember one time I was playing in the yard with my sister, and all it took was one cartwheel.

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My new jeans had completely ripped down the front, and cars passing by saw the look of horror spread across my face. A nice pair of Soffe shorts or Nike shorts will prevent that same embarrassment from happening to you. A loose t-shirt would also suffice, but generally you could wear any kind of shirt. It is just up to you, and what makes you comfortable. Lightweight shoes are a must because you do not want to add more weight that you have to flip over. There are many brands that make cheerleading sho…

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Process Analysis: Cheerleading
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