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The Changes in Europe During the Middle Ages as Illustrated in Beowulf
Words • 379
Pages • 2
The early Middle Age of Europe is thought to be the period where Europe emerged as a distinguishable society. This emerging culture for Europe can be seen through the influence it has on European language, and art. Each part of this new culture is very important to our readings from Beowulf because they correlate strongly. For example, Christianity was becoming popularized among the people of the European region during the early Middle Ages, and is apparent in the ancient work…...
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The Evolution of Beowulf: From Young and Fearless to Aging and Wise Warrior
Words • 307
Pages • 2
Essay Sample on Beowulf The following sample essay on Beowulf. The aging process is more than a physical change.It involves a heightened awareness of one's own mortality.This process is evident in the story Beowulf in which the hero Beowulf battles three monsters: Grendel, Grendel's mother, and the fire dragon.Through these battles, he changes from the young, fearless warrior believing in his invulnerability to an aging warrior knowing his time has come to meet his last challenge. As a young hero,…...
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The Power and Importance of Inheritance, Ancestry, and Warrior Culture in Beowulf’s Society
Words • 325
Pages • 2
 Essay Sample on Beowulf The following sample essay on Beowulf.  Іs a poem of leaders, warriors, evil, and good.It is also a poem of heroes and tragic losses. What kind of a community is revealed from these subjects if it is the community itself, which provokes peace and violence for these warriors to be hailed by?What organization and values does the community hold in this poem? Throughout the poem there is reference to kings and lords.In thefirst chapter it is…...
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Beowulf as an epic poem
Words • 482
Pages • 2
Written by an anonymous Anglo Saxon author, Beowulf is an epic poem. In the epic poem, materialism and power in Anglo Saxon culture is shown multiple times. The values of the Anglo Saxons in Beowulf are bravery, honor, duty and loyalty. All of which are shown through acquired fortunes. The Herot hall and the characters show how materialism can bring fame and power. A quote from the text that displays materialism at its finest is “Then Halfdane’s son presented Beowulf with…...
The Advancement of “Heroes” into Modern Day 
Words • 3200
Pages • 13
What would someone say if they were asked to define what exactly a “hero” is? This would be a tough question to answer because there are essentially many different types of heroes that exist, the person being asked this question just may not know about each of them yet. Heroes are those that we know exist today from movies, news, social media, etc., but they are also those that we hear about from stories and passed down from tradition or…...
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Definition of Evil in Beowulf’s Poem
Words • 1234
Pages • 5
Humans come in all forms of good and evil. But Albert fish was all evil with an image of a good person. Albert Fish was a serial killer who delightfully enjoyed consuming the human flesh, or as we know a cannibal. Albert was undeniably alike to the monster Grendel, a fictional character from a poem named Beowulf. Although both Grendel and Albert didn’t have a happy ending, because they weren’t the prince charming of their story, they could’ve changed for…...
BeowulfBeowulf Hero
Grendel’s hard life in Beowulf
Words • 1244
Pages • 5
Grendel, a novel written by John Gardner, alters the epic Beowulf, told in the perspective of a monsterous, underworld creature, Grendel. Lacking communication from his mother and the rest of the world, he is left to seek his questions alone, basing his philosophies of life in the hands of various archetypes he encounters. Grendel is compelled in finding the meaning of life from surrounding influences as he is broken and vulnerable from an absent parental figure in his adolescence; this…...
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Beowulf Is a Strong and Cunning Hero
Words • 758
Pages • 4
“We are all just cogs in a machine, doing what we were always meant to do, with no actual volition.” – Baron d’Holbach. Oedipus following the oracles fate, Macbeth fulfilling the witches’ prophecy; these examples serve to show that there is no such concept as free will. In both Beowulf and Grendel, a lack of free will is shown to prove that no one truly has control of their own future. Grendel will always be seen as a monster. His…...
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How to Train Your Dragon
Words • 950
Pages • 4
Dragons define ruthlessness, producing fear whenever and wherever they render themselves present. The imagery of a fire-breathing dragon in various works of literature is the epitome of a fear-mongering monster. In Beowulf, the dragon’s greed urges it to sweep through towns and villages, destroying everything in its path. Acting as the third and final obstacle for the namesake main character in Beowulf, its awakening and enragement begins through the actions of a petty thief who stole the hoard of treasure…...
BeowulfBeowulf Hero
Gender Roles in Beowulf and Leigh Sir Launfal
Words • 834
Pages • 4
According to J.R.R. Tolkien, ​Beowulf ​was most likely written by an 8th-century Anglo-Saxon poet shortly after England converted to Christianity. Many of its characters are historical figures from Scandanavian and Anglo-Saxon descent. A tightly woven tapestry of paganism and Christianity, the epic reveals much about social issues of the day. ​Beowulf provides insight into being a brother’s keeper and the steadfast courage required to do so. On the other hand, the lais of Marie de France point out flaws of…...
BeowulfBeowulf Hero
“Monomyth”: What Is It
Words • 690
Pages • 3
Heroes go on journeys and through obstacles that shape them in every possible way no matter the talents or skills that they have. Many stories such as Beowulf, The First Knight, and The Once and Future King all prove that the monomyth is correct. Joseph Campbell succeeded in making his argument that heroes develop in stages and coined the term “The Monomyth” because it is widely accepted by psychologist, followed by authors, and seen within several famous movies. Joseph Campbell’s…...
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Revenge Is the Dominant Theme in Beowulf
Words • 702
Pages • 3
Vengeance has been a major theme in Beowulf and in John Milton’s Paradise Lost and it brings to question the real reason as to why these characters committed these acts of revenge. In Beowulf, revenge is principal to to the culture of warriors. Specifically, revenge was taken as a “blood-feud” which included fighting those who killed your kinsman, king, or lord. In Paradise Lost, Milton’s story is a revenge cataclysm. Satan tries to seek vengeance against God while Adam and…...
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Beowulf Must Protect His People
Words • 793
Pages • 4
In chronological order, Beowulf’s most important plot points can be broken down into four crucial events: Beowulf’s weaponless battle with Grendel, Beowulf’s vindictive battle with Grendel’s mother, the stealing of the Dragon’s goblet, and ultimately, Beowulf’s fatal encounter with the Dragon. These four fundamental events in Beowulf contribute greatly in the shaping of an epic poem, as they typically consist of a valiant hero, some sort of contact or conflict with extraterrestrial or other-worldly beings, as well as references to…...
BeowulfBeowulf Hero
Beowulf vs The Hunger Games Movie Protagonist
Words • 663
Pages • 3
The Anglo-Saxons were split into two groups of vikings around the year 449 A.D. They had an extremely gloomy outlook on the world view. They lived an unpleasant life full of war and hard work. The Anglo-Saxons didn’t believe in afterlife or a loving God, instead they sought immortality through lof or fame. “The hero’s journey, created by Joseph Campbell, is a basic template for all great hero stories. The path is portrayed numerous ways, but in general it includes…...
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Tragic Flaw Examples
Words • 2102
Pages • 9
This essay sample essay on Tragic Flaw Examples offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion are provided below.Though sometimes used in stories or fables as something to aspire to, such as being proud of one’s work, pride is looked upon as quite the opposite in Beowulf. In Seamus Heaney’s translation, pride is depicted as an unfortunate, often fatal, flaw which will eventually lead to tragedy or the untimely…...
Sutton Hoo Ship Burial
Words • 545
Pages • 3
When was the discovery at Sutton hoo made? How did international events complicate the first excavation? What were some later findings? Studies show that the discovery at sutton hoo made in 1939. It contained lots of wealth and artifacts. International events complicate the first excavation because the original excavation of the mounds was destroyed in World War 2. The only evidence was the picture of the reverts in the sand. Included in the treasure are some of the finest pieces…...
Existentialism VS Fatalism in Grendel
Words • 361
Pages • 2
Position Paper: Existentialism VS Fatalism After reading Grendel, I have come to the conclusion that fatalism is the predominant determinant in the novel and in Grendel’s life. Throughout all of Grendel’s day to day actions, one can synthesize a claim as to what is going to happen next to Grendel. One can come to these predeterminations by inferring subliminal messages from the Dragon’s speech. In chapter five, Grendel meets the Dragon. The Dragon is a unique character who is an…...
BeowulfExistentialismFateGrendelPhilosophical Theories
Grendel Character Analysis
Words • 724
Pages • 3
Beowulf is a heroic epic chronicling the life of one brave warrior and the battles he faces. Strangely enough the battle he is most famous for was in all likely-hood, against the easiest opponent he ever faced. The character Grendel is always portrayed as some despicable fiend who relishes killing and would love nothing more than to spend his whole life slaughtering innocent people. If, however the text is read carefully, it is quite apparent that Grendel is a classic…...
Loyalty In Classic Literature
Words • 334
Pages • 2
“Hero, a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” (Unknown) Many aren’t known as heroes, but when you dig down deep in their life, and realize how they treat others, their strengths, their braveness, quickly you realize a hero. Beowulf, Hector, and Hercules all have many characteristics as to how they are a hero, but with loyalty, braveness, and their unnatural strengths, they are automatically all considered a hero. Beowulf, the…...
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LIT 12 Beowulf Reading Check
Words • 117
Pages • 1
Who is identified as Grendel's ancestor? Cain (ll. 42-43) For how long does Grendel terrorize the Danes? Twelve years (l. 84) Why is Grendel unable to attack King Hrothgar? Hrothgar's throne is protected by God (ll. 105-6) Who is Higlac's follower? Beowulf (ll. 131-2) Who was Beowulf's rival in the swimming match? Brecca (ll. 227-8) Beowulf accuses Unferth of a terrible crime. What is it? Unferth murdered his own kin (ll. 307-8) Identify Welthow. Hrothgar's queen (l. 333) Why are…...
Beowulf Practice Test Questions
Words • 524
Pages • 3
How does Hrothgar know of Beowulf? Hrothgar was friends with Beowulf's father Where does Grendel come from? He is spawned from slime. He is descendant of Cain. He is from a hell on earth. How many men can Grendel scoop up in one hand? 30 When does Grendel attack Herot hall? Late at night Why is Grendel seeking revenge on mankind? He was banished from God and is seeking to create evil How many men does Beowulf take with him…...
Beowulf Unit Exam
Words • 639
Pages • 3
Which of the following does not reflect the oral tradition of the epic Beowulf? When the thanes feasted, the King gave the best portion of meat to the bravest warrior In Beowulf, why does Beowulf sail with his chosen companions to Hrothgar's kingdom? to help Hrothgar by destroying a monster and to gain fame for themselves What is a "mead hall"? social hall, center of royal festivities for drinking, eating, entertainment. The Danish mead hall is called Heorot. Mead is…...
British Literature Final Exam
Words • 610
Pages • 3
Chaucer Father of English Poetry Mallory Father of Le Morte d' Artur Macduff Part of Prophecy Bede Father of English History Beowulf Anglo-Saxon Epic Fleance Escaoed the Murderers Macbeth Villan & hero Beowulf Hero/ Deliverer Hrothgar Good Rulers of the Danes Wiglaf Helped Beowulf Hygelac Ruler of Geats Rudyard Kipling Beast Fable Herot Mead Hall Unferth Envious Dane Canterbury Site of Martydom Shallot Island of Medieval Fable Sutton Hoo Archeological Site. Anglo Saxon artifacts. Lyrical Ballad Start of Romantic Period.…...
English 4 Midterm Review
Words • 2658
Pages • 11
Paper Type:Expository essays
Which is the best definition of an epic? a long narrative poem that tells a heroic story Which of these is a characteristic of most epics? serious, elevated language Which statement is true of most Anglo-Saxon lyrics? they were originally composed and passed along in the oral tradition Which statement is true of historical writing from early times? it can be read in the original by most readers of Modern English What quality does Beowulf share with most other legendary…...
Introduction to Anglo-Saxon Literature: Beowulf
Words • 1171
Pages • 5
Features of Anglo-Saxon culture: - Warrior tribes - Lords and thanes - Gift-giving - Hospitality and feasts - Pagan and Christian traditions Which are features of Anglo-Saxon culture? Check all that apply. A society organized into warrior tribes An emphasis on gift-giving and hospitality A mixture of pagan and Christian traditions Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon poem that was written down in about 1000 CE True The story is: - Set in sixth-century Scandinavia - Describes the heroic deeds of a…...
BeowulfCultureEnglish LanguageFlashcardsGrendelPoetry
introduction to anglo-saxton literature: beowulf
Words • 430
Pages • 2
Paper Type:Narrative essays
____ refers to a conclusion based on evidence in the text inference Which sentence from the passage best supports his inference? Beowulf, Ecgtheow's son, replied: "Well, friend Unferth, you have had your say about Breca and me. But it was mostly beer that was doing the talking. The truth is this: when the going was heavy in those high waves, I was the strongest swimmer of all. We'd been children together and we grew up daring ourselves to outdo each…...
Introduction to Anglo-Saxon Literature: Beowulf Quiz
Words • 699
Pages • 3
Read the passage from Beowulf. The hero arose, surrounded closely by his powerful thanes. A party remained under orders to keep watch on the arms; the rest proceeded, led by their prince under Heorot's roof. And standing on the hearth in webbed links that the smith had woven, the fine-forged mesh of his gleaming mail-shirt, resolute in his helmet, Beowulf spoke: Which word from the passage is a feature of Anglo-Saxon culture? thanes Read the passage from Beowulf. Wealhtheow came…...
Anglo-Saxon Poetry, The Seafarer and The wanderer, The Wife’s Lament
Words • 2299
Pages • 10
Six characteristics of Anglo-Saxon poetry alliteration, epithets, kennings, understatements, repetition, and caesuras Define alliteration the repetition of the 1st consonant sound in a single line of poetry Define epithets an adjective only used for describe a certain noun Define kennings two nouns to describe one well-known noun Define understatements a statement making a scene less than what it is Define repetition repeating the same idea multiple times in different ways Define caesuras a pause/cut in the middle of the line…...
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How to Train Your Dragon
...The dragon represents much more than a plot development; rather, it symbolizes various elements of human nature and the repercussions of human desire. In both Beowulf and Grendel, the dragon is a powerful character that offers insight to other humanl...
“Monomyth”: What Is It
...Joseph Campbell succeeded in making his argument that heroes develop in stages and coined the term “The Monomyth” because it is widely accepted by psychologist, followed by authors, and seen within several famous movies. Many stories such as Beow...
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