English 4 Midterm Review

Which is the best definition of an epic?
a long narrative poem that tells a heroic story

Which of these is a characteristic of most epics?
serious, elevated language

Which statement is true of most Anglo-Saxon lyrics?
they were originally composed and passed along in the oral tradition

Which statement is true of historical writing from early times?
it can be read in the original by most readers of Modern English

What quality does Beowulf share with most other legendary heroes?
he is very strong

Which of these details in the passage from Beowulf is an example of assonance?
the repeated short a sound in line 9

Which phrase in the passage from Beowulf is an example of a kenning?
Sword-blood in line 13

How might an eyewitness account of an event differ from an account of the same event written years later?
it would not be as accurate because it would lack support from historic documents

Based on your knowledge of the root -sol-, in which situation would you offer someone solace?
he or she has lost a loved one

Based on your knowledge of the Latin root -sol-, choose the best paraphrase of this sentence.

“I tried to console Aunt Betty during her illness”

I tried to comfort Aunt Betty during her illness

Which of the following lines from the stanza contains figurative language?
” A flock of nymphs i chanced to espy”

Based on your knowledge of the Latin root -dict-, what does verdict mean?
a jury’s spoken decision


Which of these text aids would probably give you the best general understanding of the poem?
an introductory not explaining the Christian vision of Judgement Day

Elizabethan drama was written in which of the following forms?
unrhymed verse

For which of the following is a character in a drama usually alone onstage?
a soliloquy

In Shakespeare’s tragedies, which is often true of the lower-ranking characters who provide comic relief?
they speak in prose

A sceptre ( or scepter) is a rod or staff held by a king as a symbol of his authority.

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What can readers infer that Portia means by”this sceptred sway” in line 10?

these earthly matters

Based on your understanding of the root -stat-, what do you think status means in the following sentence? ” The Joneses saw owning a large home as a symbol of their status in the community.”


Which of these words is a synonym for sovereign?

Which sentence contains a subordinating conjunction?
we will go out as soon as it stops raining

What is the subordinating conjunction in the following sentence?

What creates irony in a work of literature?
the contradiction between appearance and reality

Which of the following does not usually contribute to a writer’s style?

Which of the following is not a characteristic of parody?

Which of these forms was used by English poets in mock epics?
heroic couplets

Which of the following is a defining characteristic of an epic?
the use of a mocking tone

Which of the characteristics most distinguishes an epic from a mock epic?
its subject matter

Why should a reader pay attention to text features such as background and footnotes?
to learn more about the author and context

What does Johnson’s dictionary entry reveal about the status of athletes in his society?
athletes are revered and exalted

Why does Beowulf come to see Hrothgar?
he wants to help Hrothgar by killing Grendel

How do you know that Beowulf is an honorable man?
he refuses to use a sword to fight Grendel because Grendel has none

What weapon does Beowulf use to kill Grendel?
his hands

To what does the poet give credit for Beowulf’s victory over Grendel’s mother?
God’s judgement

Why does Wiglaf tell his comrades they should help Beowulf fight the dragon?
they had promised to help Beowulf when he needed them

What does it mean when Beowulf gives Wiglaf his gold necklace?
Beowulf is making Wiglaf ruler of Geatland

Trying to open/ a path for his evil soul
attempting to kill him

In “A Modest Proposal”, what does Swift propose doing to solve the problem of poverty in Ireland?
slaughter children of the poor for food

Swift includes many facts and statistics in “A Modest Proposal.” What seems to be his purpose in including this information?
to make his proposal appear logical

What is Chaucer’s main reason for writing about the pilgrimage in the Prologue?
to create a setting for telling stories by different characters

What was the purpose of the trip?
to go on a pilgrimage

What is Chaucer’s primary theme in the Prologue?
the great variety of human nature

What do you know about the woman from Bath based on these lines? “In all the parish not a dame dared stir/ Towards the alter steps in front of her”
she is proud and demanding

According to the Prologue, how many tales will each pilgrim tell on the journey?
two going there and two coming back

Which of these quotations from the Prologue is an example of direct characterization?
he was an honest worker, good and true

What does the narrator mean in saying these lines from the Prologue? ‘ but first i beg of you, in courtesy, / not to condemn me as unmannerly / if i speak plainly and with no concealing / and give account of all of their words and dealings.’
please do not blame me if i tell you the truth about what they said and did

Whom do the pilgrims accept as their leader in the Prologue?
the Host

What does the narrator mean in the Prologue when he says the following about Friar? ‘ but anywhere a profit might accrue / courteous he was and lowly of service too’
the Friar helps people when he can make money doing it

What is the main theme of Act 1 in The Tragedy of Macbeth?

What do you know about King Duncan?
he values bravery and loyalty

What does Macbeth think about killing King Duncan?
he is not sure if it is the right thing to do

Which of the following is an example of a stage direction?
[ enter Macbeth’s wife, alone, with a letter.]

Elizabethan writers modeled their tragedies on plays from where?
ancient Greece and Rome

Which was true for those who watched a play at the Globe Theater during Shakespeare’s day?
the play was performed during the day

What is the main idea of Act 2 of the Tragedy of Macbeth?
murderers must live with guilt

Why does Lady Macbeth drug the servants in scene 2?
she wants them to sleep while she kills King Duncan

How should you read a blank verse to make sense of it?
read in complete sentences

Why does Lady Macbeth choose not to kill King Duncan herself?
she thinks the king, as he sleeps, looks like her father

What does Macbeth mean when he says he will “sleep no more”?
his conscience will never let him sleep

What does Macbeth mean when he says the blood on his hands will redden all the seas?
he can never get over his guilt about killing Duncan

What is another name for blank verse?
unrhymed iambic pentameter

Why do Ross and Macduff think King Duncan’s sons have killed his father?
both sons have run away, which makes them look guilty

What is the main purpose of act 3 of The Tragedy of Macbeth?
to show how Macbeth’s troubles are growing

Why does Macbeth decide to kill Banquo?
the witches had predicted that Banquo’s son would be king

How did Macbeth convince the two murderers to kill Banquo?
he guaranteed that they would not be punished for the murder

During the banquet, Macbeth becomes unhappy and distracted. Lady Macbeth says to him, “gentle my lord, sleek o’er you rugged looks; / be bright and jovial among your guests tonight.” What does she mean?
dont look so gloomy. be careful with your guests

Why does Macbeth begin to act so oddly at the banquet?
he sees the ghost of Banquo

The murderer appears at the banquet to report to Macbeth. He says that Banquo is dead but not his son Fleance. Macbeth says in an Aside, ” the worm that’s fled / Hath nature that in time will venom breed, / no teeth for th’ present” what does Macbeth mea?
Fleance is not a danger to him now, but he will become one later

At the end of the banquet scene, Macbeth tells his wife that Macduff did not come to the celebration. Then he says that “we are yet but young in deed.” What does he mean?
they are not finished with their troubles

As a result of his guilt, Macbeth sees the ghost of Banquo. What literary elemet does this event illustrate?
dramatic irony

At the end of act 3, Macbeth plans to visit the witches once more. What does he want to learn?
what troubles are still in store for him

How has Macbeth changed between the beginning of act 1 and the end of act 3?
he no longer hesitates to use treachery to achieve his ends

At the beginning of act IV, a witch calls out ” something wicked this way comes” just as Macbeth approaches. What can you infer from her comment?
even the witches think Macbeth is evil

What kind of person is Macduff’s son?
questioning and brave

To what senses do these lines appeal? ‘ fillet of a fenny snake, / in the caldron boil and bake; / eye of newt and toe of frog, / wool of bat and tongue of dog, / adder’s fork and blindworm’s sting’
sight, hearing, and touch

What do the witches tell Macbeth to do?
to fear Macduff

What is imagery?
language that evokes sensory experiences

What image is used repeatedly throughout the play?

What plan do Macduff and Malcolm settle on at the end of act IV?
to invade Scotland

What happens to Macduff’s wife and child?
they are killed by Macbeth’s men

Why does Macduff go to London?
to get Malcom’s help in overthrowing Macbeth

What can you infer from the doctor’s treatment of Lady Macbeth about the practice of medicine during that time of the play?
doctors knew little about emotional distress

At the beginning of act v, the waiting-gentlewoman tells the doctor about Lady Macbeth’s strange behavior. Why does he tell the gentlewoman to ‘remove from her the means of all annoyance’?
he fears Lady Macbeth will try to kill herself

In the opening scene at Dunsinane Castle, Macbeth has no patience for his servant. He says, ‘go prick thy face and over-red thy fear. / thou lily-livered boy.’ What does his treatment of the servant tell you about how Macbeth’s character has changed?
he has grown brutal

Why does Malcolm tell his soldiers to cut down branches of trees to carry as they march?
so Macbeth will not know how many men are in the army

When does Macbeth first realize that he has been tricked by the prophecies of the witches?
when he sees Birnam Wood moving toward him

In the final battle, Macbeth fights bravely, even after he learns he will probably die. How does his courage affect the reader?
it reminds the reader that Macbeth still has some noble qualities

As Macbeth awaits the battle at Dunsinane Castle, he demonstrates that he is no longer touched by either fear or horror. Which of the play’s themes does this behavior underscore?
destructiveness of blind ambition

Which words best describe the three rioters in “The Pardoner’s Tale”?
greedy and rough

Reread these lines that are spoken by the old man in ‘the pardoner’s tale’. What does he mean? “about the earth, which is my mother’s gate, / knock-knocking with my staff from night to noon / and crying; ‘mother, open to me soon! / look at me mother, wont you let me in?”
he wants to die

What does the young rioter decide while on his way into town for food and wine in ” the pardoner’s tale”?
to poison his friends

Which word best describes the reason that Beowulf hangs Grendel’s arm in Hrothgar’s mead-hall?

In which situation might someone most need solace?
the death of a loved one

When Beowulf requests that he alone ‘may purge all evil from this hall,’ what does he mean by purge?
drive out

Which of the following passages contains a coordinating conjunction?
” and sometimes they sacrificed to the old stone gods, / made heathen vows, hoping for hell’s / support”

Which of the following passages contains a coordinating conjunction?
‘he came to, ripped him apart’

Which sentence incorrectly uses the italicized vocabulary word?
the king of Lilliput thought the king of Blefescu was sustenance

Which word best completes this sentence?
Swift proposes making young children of the poop a(n) ____ that can be sold for profit.

Which of the following words is closest in meaning to schism?

Which sentence uses the italicized word correctly?
no one could possibly conjecturei that Swift was serious about his proposal

What word means almost the same as sanguine?

In standing by to carve meat for his father at the table, the young Squire is showing himself to be ___.

A sanguine person is usually ____.

Which word is closest in meaning to sovereign?

Macbeth used words that ____ in order to deceive Duncan.

Which word is closest to the meaning to predominance?

Which sentence uses the word palpable correctly?
he grips the palpable dagger and stabs King Duncan

Macbeth wants a position of ____ in the kingdom.

To creep through the castle without awakening anyone, Macbeth’s footsteps must be ___.

Which word is closest in meaning to Malevolence?

Macbeth fears Banquo’s ___ heart.

At the banquet, Lady Macbeth encourages her husband to be ____.

During Macbeth’s ___ rule, many people died due to others’ treachery.

Which word is closest in meaning to avarice?

Macbeth’s evil deeds have a ___ effect on Scotland.

The witches add wool of bat, tongue of dog, and other ___ ingredients to their caldron.

Malcolm believes that Macbeth’s ___ made him desire others’ jewels, houses, and titles.

The trees of Birnham Wood moving toward Dunsinane are ____ of Macbeth’s downfall.

Lady Macbeth’s guilt causes her a great ___ of spirit.

The witches dance wildly around their caldron in a ___ frenzy.

In ‘the pardoner’s take’ when the murderer sauntered back to his friends, he ___.
walked slowly

The ___ sold the young rioter a strong poison that he mixed with wine.

Which word is closest in meaning to deftly?

The old man’s beard was thick and ____.

How can the reader tell that Beowulf is a legendary story?
the hero is described as someone greater than all other men

Which of the following best summarizes the theme of Beowulf?
valor will triumph

Which of the following lines from Beowulf contains an example of a caesura?
‘….burns like a torch. no one knows its bottom..’

Why is it ironic that after his death the Geats build a tower to memorialize Beowulf?
most of the Geats had deserted him in battle

Which phrase best paraphrases the underlined words in this quotation from the peom?
…. they could hack at Grendel / from every side, trying to open / a path for his evil soul, but their points / could not hurt him…
to kill him

When used to describe the sea, the phrase “whale’s home” is an example of
a kenning

In the story of how the dispute arose between the Big-Endians and the Little-Endians, the chief objects to Swift’s satire are
triviality and pettiness

The Lilliputian wars are a satire on
religious conflict

Whom or what might Swift be satirizing with the line” and it would be hard indeed if so remote a prince’s notions of virtue and vice were to be offered as a standard for all mankind’?
the king of England

Which word is closest in meaning to deftly?

The trees of Birnham Wood moving toward Dunsinane are ____ of Macbeth’s downfall.

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