Exploration of Titan in Space

The need for scientific driven exploration is in this day in age has grown, we have so many unanswered questions, many of which are found in space. Space is our next frontier, humans have gone to great lengths and achieved many accomplishments in this field but we need to strive for a new goal. My company wishes to work together with NASA to explore the planets and moons with further diligence. With NASA’s cooperation, we would like to send a four-person crew into space using the “Warlock-Hyperion” to deliver and receive data from a rover named “Destiny Ascension” to explore the surface of Titan and see if we can find microorganisms or information that can change the way we see the universe.

One influential factor of this mission is the time table and goals.

This mission to Titan, Project Erudite, will take approximately a total of 8 years seeing how the average orbital length is 1,426,666,422km. Meaning to conserve fuel we will follow the sun’s orbit until we reach a point where we can use Mar’s orbit to jump-start us to Saturn.

We also double checked our calculations by comparing the time it took us to get to and from Ganymede which was a total of 6 years Our goal for takeoff is April 10th, 2040, leaving our return date 2048. This is leaving us with six years to plans worked out, and complete the pre-launch checklist. We have the “Destiny Ascension” completed and it passed all of the needed tests, included subzero temperatures.

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Destiny will work in a similar fashion to the Mars Rover. In terms of shuttle work, we are still running a safety test on the Warlock-Ascension to ensure that it can withstand the needed temperature for the sake of the crew’s safety. Our biggest risk the company foresees is the low temperature will affect the crew and the shuttles. The Warlock if needed can depart from the Ascension if something goes wrong and vice versa to ensure that no one gets left stranded. All control wiring to both ships are separate so if one fails the other will be left unaffected.

The company has also added additional radiation shielding on both ships and working on increasing the fuel compacity which is nearly completed. Leaving only crew selection, training and maintenance to make sure every contingency is planned for. With all of this work, there is a high expense yet the expansion of human knowledge of our home solar system is our first priority at our company. The budget for this Project Erudite is 2.6 billion U.S dollars this is taking into pre and post-launch expenses. The figures show that the pre-launch cost will be 1.6 billion dollars with it taking care of enough fuel to sustain it, food for the crew, supplies for maintaining crew health, maintenance on the shuttle, and paychecks of the people working on project. The post-launch cost is the sending of information and paychecks of the crew and mission control amounting to 1 billion dollars. These calculations were based on the Cassani missions and the Ganymede mission (NASA, 2018).

Though we also took into consideration inflation due to time differences and reusability price drops. Another item of utmost importance is communication with earth. Our plan is to use traditional radio communications. This will work because radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation that comes in many forms, the form we would use is Masers (Davies, 2019). They work like a laser to magnify and direct radio wave so that communication is possible throughout space. Mission control would be in Cape Canaveral in Florida. This is closer to our company so it will be easier for cooperation between us leading to a lower stress environment for both sides possibly increasing productivity for both teams. Which means that there should be no blockage for Project Erudite to commence. Project Erudite is a scientific exploration mission to increase the knowledge we have of our other planets and their moons, specifically in this case Titan.

Our companies plan is to use the shuttle/exploration vehicle, “Warlock-Hyperion” to transport four humans and a rover named Destiny Ascension. The Warlock Hyperion is being used if a quick escape is needed due to the fact that the Warlock can easily be used to land on planets in an emergency and the Hyperion can quickly get the crew back to earth if the need arises. The Destiny Ascension is similar to the Mars rover except it can handle sub-zero temperatures and is reporting back to the Warlock-Hyperion, not earth. The estimated cost is around 1.6 billion dollars and the timeframe we have is launching 5 years from now on April 10, 2040, and return sometime in early 2048.

The mission control center will be Florida to ensure that each amount of work that needs to be done is equally distributed and one team isn’t bombarded with work. This should ensure good cooperation between NASA and our company. The cooperation should also boost productivity since it should be less stress and more minds working on a problem to ensure that it is correctly executed each time. The biggest risk we foresee is the sub-zero temperatures and the health effects it can have on the crew. Our company hopes that you will consider the proposal carefully and join us on our endeavor to explore our solar system.

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Exploration of Titan in Space
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