An Introduction to Space Exploration as the Future of Technological Advancement

Through space exploration, modern civilization could become even more technologically advanced due to the scientific and social aspects of international space programs. In the past, many innovative ideas and products have been discovered to enhance the modern world such as “industrial polymers and alloys, renewable energy sources, advanced military weapon systems, as well as advancement in aerodynamic design and engineering” due to space exploration and astronautical programs.

Amongst political debate forums, the future of American involvement within international programs and space exploration is a popular subject.

Within the Debate forum, debaters and forum users attempt to use influential strategies and techniques to sway readers whom may be skeptical or unsure about their stance on the topic of American involvement within future space exploration. Using credible, emotional and logical appeals, the participants within the debate forum portray their strong opinions on space exploration through scientific and factual evidence.

Many debaters point out that NASA and other organizations around the world have proven that space exploration is the future for technological advancement.

By targeting people unsure about the possibilities of space exploration and America’s involvement, users of the debate forum begin to list off possibilities of future space exploration that could prove to be impactful to the average American citizen. Through a recognition of the American lifestyle and how it can be improved, many forum debaters reach a personal appeal among readers, convincing some that their own lives could be positively impacted by space exploration and research.

Supported by many throughout the debate, space exploration is thought to be the “future of humanity and the modern world”.

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Many agreed that by refraining from future space explorations we would also be inhibiting our progress both technologically and productively. Explaining to the forum readers that our society might not reach conclusions or produce the inventions of the future if space explorations comes to an end, these specific debaters produce a negative light upon the future of America and the lives of the American citizens if future explorations into space are not pursued. By emphasizing the personal effect technology and future research can have on an average individual uses logic as well as emotional appeal in order to sway readers of the forum into support of the topic.

Comments such as “space exploration is the vessel of the future” and “space exploration is very important due to its ability to further develop and cultivated ideas and products needed to improve our world as well as seek out others” shows the logic behind many of the positive outlooks on space exploration in America’s future. These users that posted comments centered around the scientific facts of space exploration and its effect on future technological advancements solidify their position as a reliable source and individuals whom have a realistic view point on the possibilities of space.

Through these comments, skeptical readers can view the opinions and ideas of the forum users who introduce possible progress and improvements to the skeptics’ own lives, increasing credibility as well as legitimacy. By supporting the improvements technological advancements could have on the readers’ lives, these users use clear emotional as well as ethical information to try and sway readers towards their view point. Explaining the positive effects of advancements on our own lives increases the support behind those users in favor of American involvement and make those who deem it unimportant seem like they have no desire to see America as a better place for its citizens in terms of technological advancements.

As well as improving technology and scientific ideas throughout the world, the debaters among the forum claim space exploration within our future to also possibly improve relations amongst nations, governments, and cultures. By pointing out both the involvement of national governments as well as our own president’s involvement and view on space exploration, forum debaters attempt to sway readers towards their opinions by further legitimizing the seriousness of their argument within politics.

Through quoting President Obama’s views on space exploration and its importance compared to other ventures or problems within American and international governments, a forum debater uses politics to further legitimize his own view point on the topic. The debater explains that instead of using NASA and the exploration of space as a researching and developing tool, government wishes to “use it as a tool to bring countries and cultures together”. By mentioning such proof as the President of the United States’ opinion on the subject of space exploration, politics is again used as a form of legitimizing a stance on the topic and making a debater’s positive or negative opinion more worthy of adaptation.

As readers see these legitimized viewpoints based on their involvement within the American government, they can see that these forum debaters are more knowledgeable on the effects of American involvement in space and are probably more reliable sources of information concerning this topic than those simply stating their opinions without the evidence to back it up. Using political references to further justify their opinions, these forum debaters who commented on this particular debate and used credible appeal construct their view points and evidence to legitimize themselves as sources of information.

Many forum users also began their arguments with tying the issue of space exploration to other worldwide effecting issues. “The director of NASA’s new goal as the leader of American space exploration programs is to unit and bring a closer relationship between Americans and the Muslim world”. Through these types of linking comments, validity and a sense of equal importance is produced between space exploration and other political debate topics such as racial and cultural unity. For those who feel strongly on these modern day problems can now view a relationship made by the forum users between these issues and the importance of space exploration.

Through the forum debater’s comment linking both this particular topic and that of other equally controversial ones, the debater uses logical as well as emotional appeal within their evidence to sway readers towards their point of views. By making either problem as important as the other through comparison and linking comments, the issue of space exploration is raised in the readers’ minds as an issue of the utmost importance similar to the ones mentioned through the debater’s comments.

Another participant of the debate comments that “[they] believe that conquering space is something that one nation cannot do alone, but the combined wealth and scientific research of every nation working in unison can bring about the progress needed to conquer space”. Through their statement, the forum debater provides another example of linking unity and issues ailing our country and the world to the possibility of space exploration ending this strife.

This particular debater argues that in order to conquer space in the future, the problems of today must be overcome and the unification of countries and ultimately the world will bring about success in astronautical engineering and colonization. As the idea of colonizing space overwhelms many, forum debaters introduce this bigger challenge with an easier and more plausible solution of unity among technologically advanced cultures and governments. Informing the readers of the possibilities of space exploration effecting government and cultures alike brings more emotional appeal produced by the forum debater to the readers of the forum since many may feel passionately about the unity and cooperation of countries around the world.

Within this specific debate on America’s involvement in future space exploration, online participants argue their opinions using many manipulative and influential techniques to sway readers towards their view points on the topic. Through word choice, comparison, linking comments, and outstanding facts or opportunities, debaters have used this online forum to sway readers towards a specific outlook on the situation. Using credible, emotional and logical appeals, forum debaters argue opinions and ultimately manipulate the readers of the online debate into the support or rejection of America’s involvement in future space explorations.

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