A Discussion on Space Exploration - Is It Profitable or Not?

Space exploration has been, throughout the years, an exciting subject to work with in our society.

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We human beings have been using millions of dollars on projects to shoot manned rockets into space so that we can observe the unknown universe. However, there are issues that conflict the people on whether space exploration is necessary or not. Issues such as financial and ethical consequences are arguments that come up on the subject of space exploration.

Although space exploration is one of the most exciting and thrilling subject in our society, some may argue that the amount of money spent should be taken into consideration.

There are split opinions on if the money used towards space exploration is necessary or not. David Livingston, a writer of The Space Review, states that “the manned space exploration program is absolutely worth the cost” and “worth the investment” (Source A). Not only can we receive breathtaking information about our universe, but we can also “provide inspiration for our youngsters to grow up” (Source A).

The money that is spent on these space exploration projects not only benefit us informatively, but also morally. The data collected from these programs are useful in many ways because it provides education and motivation for students.

In some ways the projects are profitable and are worth the money. However, some argue that we are not capable of the space explorations financially due to the cost of other important factors. Andrew Chamberlain shows in the chart “Pennies of Each Federal Spending Dollar” the percentages of where our money is used in our society. The amount of money available after factors such as education, medicare, and benefit services are so little that it only takes up a tiny percentage of the chart. (Source C). Consequently, there is a limited amount of money left for other factors of the society. This cannot be wasted on space exploration projects that we don’t necessarily need. In other words, the compact amount of money left cannot sufficiently supply the expensive missions into space.

The moral factors are important in considering the decision making of space explorations because some argue that we humans should be focused on subjects and conflicts of our own here on Earth instead of trying to expand it into space. The humans on Earth have not been able to protect ourselves from the conflicts within as Margaret R McLean states on “To Boldly Go: Ethical Considerations for Space exploration” that “we have expanded human presence into pristine forests resulting in the disruption of migratory routes, soil erosion, and species extinction” (Source E).

Our responsibilities here on our planet have shown be devastatingly weak. Therefore, how can we take responsibility of going out to space and keeping it the way it was supposed to be? Our first priorities must be to “account for our urges and actions in terms of their impact on others, the universe, and the future” (Source E). For the safety of the natural world and its existence, we humans need to settle down and focus on our problems instead.

Many people claim that the information given to us from these explorations have been fascinating and educational. However, it is not necessary for us to actually go out into space and grab information. The method of getting information is important to the decisions made because it is pointless for us to spend money to send men into space when we can do it right here on Earth. Russell Roberts claims in “Funding Space Travel” that he doesn’t see the case for using taxpayer money to get it done” when he can observe everything going on in space with his “telescope” (Source H). We have all the resources required to observe what is happening in space but we use loads of money to go into space. This is an important factor in space explanation because the money of the people is on the line.

There are many different factors that should be considered when we question the subject of space exploration. The issues involving money and ethics are huge because they impact the opinions of the people the most. The large amount of money needed to work the projects and the assumptions that we cannot deal with the things outside of our Earth are clear facts that show whether space exploration is profitable to us or not.

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