Economics and the Social Makeup of America

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Throughout 1820-1850, economic expansion had the largest impact on altering the social makeup of America. As the mid nineteenth centuw came around. America’s culture and economy were forever changed. The influx of immigrants and the Transportation Revolution led to the economic expansion that changed America‘s social makeup. The sudden increase of immigrants from Ireland and Germany led to the economic growth of multiple cities. Immigrants from Ireland came to escape famine and those from Germany came to be freed from religious persecution.

The Irish were typically poor and settled in the port cities where they landed making these cities the largest and most prosperous cities of America.

German immigrants had more money and were skilled workers so they moved to the interior cities. This caused the interior cities to grow in population, and the skilled workers added a supply and demand that boosted the interior city’s economies. The immigrants that came from Germany and Ireland changed the social makeup of America by bringing their cultures into the American economy.

The Transportation Revolution also led to economic expansion by creating new ways for trade within America and allowed goods to be sent our internationally easier. The first revolutionary good transporter was the steamboats which allowed access to the midwest economy. Next was the Erie Canal, the only successful canal, that cut through Albany to get to New York which then connected to the Pacific Ocean; this allowed for the midwest to become involved in international trade boosting their economy.

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The main thing that was stopping trade between the east and the west was the Appalachian Mountain Range. Railroads were created to fix this problem and covered all of America and changed the game in the Transportation Revolution. This revolution aided economic expansion to reform America’s social makeup. Economic expansion had the greatest impact on changing America. The increase in immigration caused for a new labor force to come Into play and allowed new cultures to blend into our society today. The Transportation Revolution brought about new methods of transportations which increased the well-being of the American Economy. The new systems of transportation allowed for the mixing of cultures within America which led America to become the mush-pot it is today.

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