How to Apply Eye Makeup

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Applying eye make-up is an art of patience and blending. When applying makeup to your eyes you want to take your time. It always nice to start with a clean slate with your face before applying any makeup. I start by washing my face with facial wash. I get out a nice clean wash cloth and turn on the water, adjusting the temperature to make sure its not too hot or cold. Next, I splash my face with the water. Then I pump a little facial wash I use Neutrogena, but it doesn’t matter what kind you prefer.

I rub the facial wash in my hands lathering it up, then applying it to my face, making sure I gentle scrub every inch of my face. Once my face feeling clean and nice and refreshed about 2-3 minutes, I cup my hands together and splash water on my face until all the facial wash is gone.

Next, I turn the water off, grab my clean wash cloth and pat my face dry.

Once my face is dry, I apply hydrating moisturizer. Now that I’ve cleaned my face and moisturized it, it’s time to get ready to apply my eye makeup. to start I gather all the necessary supplies primer, mascara, liquid eye liner, eye shadow pallet, foundation, eyelash curler, and makeup brushes. Next, I take my eye primer un-screw the cap and squeeze just a little bit on to the tip of my index finger the size of a pea.

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It doesn’t seem like a whole, but a little amount of primer goes a long way so make sure not to squeeze to much of it out.

Then I doubt it on the lids of both eyes, trying to get the same amount on both. Taking a concealer brush I start to blend the primer on my eyelids, once it feels like the primer is well blended, I take out my foundation next. It’s always best to use foundation and primer prior to putting anything else because the combination of these two products helps create long lasting eye makeup. I untwist the cap of the foundation and squeeze some on to my index finger about the same amount as I do the primer. Foundation spreads easily, so not very much are needed. I repeat the same process with the foundation that I did with the primer by dotting my eyelids with the foundation trying to distribute it evenly.

Next, I take the concealer brush and start to blend the foundation in. once the foundation is well blended in its time for a little fun. Next, open the eyeshadow palette. Its time to pick some colors. I usually pick four colors all on the same color scheme but different shades. You’re going to want what I’m going to call a base color that is going to cover the entire lid from right under your eyebrow down to your eye lashes so your going to want it to be a lighter color. I personally like the neutral colors, mostly browns. T

hen your going to need to pick a color for just the lid of your eye which should be at least one to two shades darker than your base color. Once you figured out what color you’re going to use for your lid its time to pick a color for the crease of your eye. The crease where your top part of your eyelid ends that, but right before your brow bone. Your crease eye shadow color should be a shade or two darker than the lid color you picked out. Once you’ve got that color figured out, it’s time to pick out the eye shadow that’s going to go on the outside corner of your eyelids, this color should be your darkest shade. Now that you’ve picked out your color scheme for your eyes its time to have some real fun. To start your going to take an all-over eye shadow brush and swipe it across the base color that you have chosen for your eyes. Once you have the shadow of the brush you going to take it and go across your eyelid in a windshield wiper motion. Applying this shade very generously because this is going to be your base color that helps intensify all the other shades.

Once your done with one lid you’ll repeat the exact same steps to the other lid. After completing both lids your going to move on to the next step, the bottom part of the eyelid. You’re going to begin by taking a similar eye shadow brush just a little bit smaller. Once you have your brush picked out and in hand, you’re going to take the brush and sweep it crossed the shade that you’ve chosen. Once you have got enough eye shadow on the brush you can’t start applying it to your lid. You’ll want to hold the brush more towards the center the less control you have on the brush and less force you use, the more blended your eye shadow will be towards the end. Swipe gently across the bottom of your eyelid, making sure to apply the shadow generously. Once you have completed one of your lids repeat the steps for the next eye lid. After finishing these steps it’s time to move on to the crease of your eyelids. Next, you’re going to be doing the crease of your eye. I like to use more of a flavor square shaped brush for this area. To see where you need to apply the crease shade, I like to take my finger at the corner of my eye and press it against the lid going a crossed it feeling my eye brow bone. Right below the brow bone is where I apply the crease color.

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