Death In The Archipelago Of Viveca Sten Review

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With masterly precision exactly the same time as two shots are fired: One is the starting signal for the biggest offshore race in northern Europe. The other sets Oscar Ander July to the lawyer and gefragtesten insolvency of the country, the chairman of the Royal Society sailors who wanted to bring this year the overall winner of the race home. Nothing will come now. On the sidelines in the distance a ship bobs up and down the police fleet. Through his binoculars Detective Lagerlof sees a man from July Anders Department vigorously waving their arms – a distress signal

Peter Lagerlof starts the police combat boat.

. He must maneuver carefully to avoid collisions with the started yachts. In fact: Because someone has quasi shot before the eyes of the police Oskar July Ander. Who had motive? Later, we learn that he used some flirtation next to his marriage, which produced several children. Much joy, but also a lot of enemy.

Nora stands in front of the old villa where she has spent the best days of her childhood.

Their nominal grandmother Signe fire has inherited her estate. Can Nora imagine to live here with her family, after all that had happened to this place? Because Signe had killed her nephew and his cousin because they demanded their share of the house and committed suicide after the fact. How is Nora decide? Since her husband Henrik is strictly against the Villa, she puts her marriage at risk.

Compared to Viveca Sten’s first thriller “Deadly Midsummer” which I found quite shallow, surprised me this excerpt.

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This new case has a lot more potential. From the start line off the reader is thrown directly into the deep end, is shot as a respected man in a prominent social position. How beautiful it is to speculate as to who of high society could have on their conscience this gentleman. he had masse s enemies.

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Death In The Archipelago Of Viveca Sten Review
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