The price of the death of Horst Eckert Review

Sarah Wolf is a fictional colleague of Anne Will, Sandra Maischberger and frank plasberg. She puts just the midst of preparations for their fledgling talk show from the ARD studio. Your goals are noble. The vanity fair on television, seeing and being seen, and the phrase-ping has to fill. You go there to the people behind the politicians facades. She wants to her counterpart as close to their delivery that the power man abandons his habit of glossing over grievances in the country and to obscure responsibility, and instead true colors, “admits mistakes” as well.

In the permanent competition for the audience must predict attractive guests and discuss a controversial issue that burns people under the nails. For the next round of “Sarah Wolf” the theme is: “The state in the grip of lobbyists – the end of our democracy?” The editorial team proposes as a talk guest a politician before, which the media have to lobby in their sights because of suspected too great.

Affinity: Christian Wagner, member of parliament and a specialist in health policy

The fact that the hostess has a private life, is legitimate, but should not interfere with the career. Why can not get to the public that they recently has a relationship to this same Lord.

However, to the spicy encounter in front of cameras, it will not come. One finds Christian Wagner hanged himself in his Berlin apartment. Have the recent publications, such driven him of his close ties with the hospital operator Samax AG void the Sun did not agree with his position as State Secretary in the Ministry of Health into a corner that he gave up not only his political career, but like his life? Sarah Wolf can not believe it.

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She wants the truth of who really her lover was himself get on the track.

However, it was discovered in a Düsseldorf lake a female corpse. The basement of a small caliber rifle has about four weeks earlier penetrate the skull of the woman. It is identified as Johanna Kling, who worked as a consultant for the charity “Humanity First International” and also had contacts with Christian Wagner.

So Paul Sellin comes into play, responsible for disappearances Kriminalhauptkommissar. Although he is Sarah Wolf’s father, but since he left two decades ago, his family, his daughter has a distant relationship with him. solve the case quickly Kling is it a special challenge because he knows that a disease of its life has a limit.

In addition to the criminal investigation department, the prominent TV presenter research on your own. What had the young human rights activist to do with Christian Wagner, which linked the members of parliament to the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya, and what to look for Samax AG there? You can count on a circle largely loyal employees and finds allies in Christian Wagner’s environment, but also has to fight against some resistance. To find reliable answers to their questions, she flies to Africa and looks around in the wards of the gigantic warehouse.

From the two deaths, with which the first of the four parts of this political thrillers busy developing the journalist and political scientist Horst Eckert a plot whose fascination feeds from multiple sources. Of course, the reader wants to know how the dead came and killed why. but one suspects that much greater and more dramatic behind it. That’s why we read the observations in Kenya (Part Three) first under the thriller aspect and investigate connections with the murders. But then the insight into the political and social conditions gain their own momentum in the developing country and captivate us for its own sake. Despite their own poverty, the country houses in Dadaab for over two decades some 250,000 people have fled, mainly from the civil war Somalia. They are tolerated at best politically and live in their makeshift city under sometimes appalling conditions. The chaotic circumstances devoid of controls are a tempting field for a wide variety of initiatives, and the great storyteller Horst Eckert is able both to describe the atmosphere of this dazzling, turbulent world as well as the machinations of his actors is gripping.

This is so a thematically complex thriller that in his fictional story the media circus, the proximity between media stars and politics and between politics and business critically and reveals global networks. He tells application rich, sometimes erratic, and illustrated filmreif what serious journalists and documentaries have long occupied: pursue their economic interests considerate to the public hardly see through corporations and ruthless, exploiting for this purpose even the poorest in the world – whose lives are “the Price of death. “<

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