“Dream Worlds” by Karsten Eckert

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The 24-year-old Julia Sander Kamp – petite, unassuming, shy, a gray mouse – works in a fashion boutique for three years. In the small team she feels comfortable. Your motto is. “Dear alone happy than unhappy together” (p 13). Therefore, she has no boyfriend. Also to parents she barely keeps in touch; their questions about studies, career, husband and grandchildren she can not bear. And their claustrophobic fear of crowds she deals by barely leaves the house.

Now begins her two-week vacation. You will enjoy the balcony in their two-room apartment, because financially more it is not enough.

Where she’s all alone now and their thoughts are all day to it themselves, they have to be careful that it does not drift that she gets the emerging depressive phases under control.

Almost she therapy standard is a plan designed as designed the days off makes sense: cinema, theater, museum, swimming. While she waits with her bike at a red light, racing a golf driver still had just under yellow on the intersection maneuvers itself highly risky by the cross traffic.

The flap of its fuel cap is wide open … So a weirdo! The incident leaves Juliet no rest; more and more the man invades her thoughts, until it receives a specific name and developed around its distinctive driving performance a little episode with logical explanation.

To Julia’s Daydream phenomenon begins. From now on, they will encounter people every day, the rise in her mind to a fictitious second life: a couple in the cinema, a man in a supermarket, a wheelchair, an eternal student, a Turk, even a person who is Jesus feels as Savior.

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but why dreams Julia only troubled dreams? What did they do with her? At first they are splashes of color in their boring daily grind. But it is increasingly clear that the trips to the fate of other people to make a difference with her. By explores so soft its inferiority complex, open up their opportunities to develop their personality.

The more Julia’s vacation nears its end, the more bizarre that their dreams. She sees faces that disappear at second glance, though they have yet to communicate with her … In the museum she stands in front of a picture of Picasso, someone is talking to them, but there is none. She answers – and actually talks to the image. Is she crazy? Will they realize that it is their inner voice with which she explores? That fantasy and reality merge? Will soon only live in their dream worlds? There she finds happiness and a magical destination: Birds talk to her, and she will find her fairy tale prince … “dream worlds” is the first novel of the young Münster author Karsten Eckert. He describes Julia’s life in a pleasant, catchy writing style and refined choice of words.

Сontent but I had problems to accept Julia’s personality as realistic. She is twenty-four, but feels more mature than their peers, she finds childish and which they therefore can not handle. his but someone may have felt so good with thirty years, so conservative – well? The girl missing any funky, experimental, daring, youthful train. When Julia should it be so, I would have liked at least a hint of history (childhood, youth, education, family, friends …?) In order to better understand and can accept. But if she has something of an artificial spirit that is not of this world.

In addition, I have to ask whether their retirement and their attachment disorders are not already diseased. Your dream worlds seem to me rather escape as the impetus to face their problems. The little episodes within the novel are very individually designed -. Touching, gripping, even a small crime is. And each of the daydream figures will turn true in the other world Julia – a delightful reflection. Overall, a thoroughly exciting, addictive debut!

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“Dream Worlds” by Karsten Eckert
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