This book was released In 1898 after which lead to much more. In 1938 the book was made into a radio broadcast, and in 1953, a movie, all of which are in some way different. Book vs.. Movie Differences: The book and the movie had several differences. One of these differences is that the narrator is not married in the movie. He, for the first time, meets Sylvia in the movie whenever the Martians land.

In the book, he Is telling the story to his brother, and his name Is never revealed.

Also, since the book was written in 1898, at the time, there weren’t things such as planes. And the human race didn’t have near as much information about outer space and the other planets. Another difference is that the aliens, in the movie, are considered primitive, rather than more intelligent and advanced than human beings. The aliens in the book use only heat rays, whereas in the movie, they have multi-firing weapons and nuclear power rays.

Also, in the movie, the aliens either levitated, or had Invisible legs. The narrator, In the book, is in the house when It collapses with the curate, not Sylvia. Also, when he gets knocked out, In the movie, he Is determined to see what the aliens look like, and In the book, he tries to find food and get out of the structure. Another difference is that in the movie, the house collapses is in the country, where no one lives, but in the book, it is in the city.

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In the book, the entire setting takes place in England, and in the movie, it is in California. In the movie, the cylinder that first arrives, arrives in the morning. The movie Is more focused on religion, rather than scientific facts. Saltcellars: The book and movie not only have differences, but also saltcellars. The beginnings of both stories are, for the most part, the same. The cylinders fall crash down and are found. The aliens eventually come out of the cylinders, and attack. The people all knew that the aliens came from space, and assumed that it was a meteor at first.

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