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So you know the same decision: “All my stories [based] on actual experiences,” assured us the author. Freezing cold, he has looked at the facts, to reproduce then “reality without euphemisms … exactly” “how it actually happened.” Only now and then he makes use of his poetic license to embellish the “” pure experience “a little with truth.” Some sixty such small insight into the reality fibs us to the author.

For example, Mr. Evers likes to travel by train, because that is always on time.

Exceptions only confirm the rule. It only becomes interesting when trains do not come. Then we have the good fortune to perceive a train station in a different way. The main station of Witten is about such attraction freely without trains that you’re bored to death. “Between the platform areas A and B are also quite a few passengers.”

Horst Evers felt something sublime, may he himself at the famous “astrophysical phenomenon” of “space-time holes” to participate, as described as Stephen Hawking no less “.

implode and even destroy matter comes to a complete stop,” time, when it with a relaxed, but a sharp tongue Horst Evers talks in this collection of stories about God and the World. The issues that he addresses in his short stories are the phenomena of our everyday life that we all notice or prefer to ignore the wonder annoy or amuse. There are human weaknesses and strengths, zeitgeist phenomena achievements of all kinds, which he sharp- and cryptically, intelligent and entertaining takes on the grain and often kidnapped into the absurd, as he verbally stroll with us through town and country, with his eyes here and roam there leaves.

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As a cabaret artist and readings of (1967 born) author is known far beyond Berlin, where he held a weekly radio column operates for years. In 2002 he received the “German Cabaret Award” (category Program Prize), 2008 the “German Cabaret Award” (category cabaret).

Mr Evers, our tour guide, is a good-natured fellow. Some say he can be wide propose to provide the next generation of friends when need is a child (about cancellation of classes) and the guardian better to do. They know that the “faithful soul” not only brings victims; Finally, it is “a nice change, even for him … but who has always lucky.” For example, if he pulls into the pool with nine-year-olds and the little Sergei road loses his swimming bag. A holding loose luggage in the subway means bomb risk, police action, and blasting the object. Although Mr. Evers can convince Bobby in time of the harmlessness of the found object content, but the officer retaliates smugly: “Ah, can go during the day swim Yes, as much as I would have liked it even..” A little later missing Caroline’s bag. On request she confesses that she had deliberately saved him because “she wanted the let’s see with blasting” … What’s next? Of these, only so much. The kids survive the afternoon healing.

Children are a source of joy and inexhaustible topics suppliers. Is there true childhood without the experience of camping? One can grow into a life-affirming people without this experience of happiness? Once again, Mr. Evers leaves of the arguments and prophecies of his friend roll over: How nice – he and the child in the great outdoors! “They’ll envy us” while they redeem their birthday voucher and a few days in the “luxury spa hotel” spends …

For this book, you should take your time and do not cover to cover enjoy to read, but rather times between individual stories as reading snack. Because it provides plenty of witty, intriguing, creative and easy fun of meaning, sentence and word constructs that are too good to simply succession to consume away. An example is the title; Here are some gems: errors such as at the new Berlin airport but everyone does, and “who’s not happened yet, let him cast the first escalator.” – “Under my body exterior I’m actually pretty slim.” – “It is already very difficult to please me to see things from today’s perspective.” – “S-Bahn Waiting” – “bedeutungssimulierendes Realitätsgehupe”.

that are still not satisfied with himself and the world for all, Mr. Evers recommends a change of perspective. Remember how miserable a mountain feel, “if ever people fall off of him.”

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If I were you, I would love Horst Evers Review
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