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Ps I Love You Book Review Paper

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Essay on “P.S. I Love You”

I confess, opening this book, I was afraid that it would look like a movie: he, contrary to my zhruzey, I did not like, and from the first shots. There was in him no love, no heat, no piercing pain of loss – all the things that I found later in the book

So, the story is known to all:. Holly loses her husband and voluntarily locks himself within four walls, in order to live the memory of Jerry – lost the sense of her life. And then she gets a box of his letters -. Marked months of instructions to resolve the impasse of life

The book I liked its simple fact that the events described could happen to anybody. Any of us could be in place of holly and would have felt the same as she.

Yes, it is a novel about love and romance that, even after losing most goavnoe in life, do not bury yourself alive . No matter what happens, life goes on, and it is not necessary to resist its course. Yes, do not forget, but that does not mean that you should live only loss. The world is beautiful, and the need to reopen it his soul

Ps I Love You Book Review

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In my opinion, this book -. A great benefit to overcome depression and rethink their relationship to reality

And it Holly changes his. life, doing something that before did not dare to take at least a career change. And, as it turned out, not in vain. Indeed, it is not necessary to be afraid, you need to try. Keep the past and enjoy the present

PS:. Thanks to this “trash” as it is called, the book, I began to think, not whether to risk and I change something in my life, too, “aims at the moon . “

Yes, the language is simple – but it is a book about the life of ordinary people, who in their daily lives do not express themselves literary language classics. But precisely because of this language, this simple dialogue that can be heard in reality, the book seems sincere, real. Whether it has more psychology / philosophy, the analysis would be more slodny, ornate language, I would have taken it quite differently.

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