Death At Sea And Other Investigations Of The Young Montalbano By Andrea Camilleri Review

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The newest “Montalbano” is after a long time once again a collection of short stories. Each of the eight entertaining and diverse stories would have the makings for a more extensive novel – and the same for a film adaptation. The television series “Il giovane Montalbano”, aired in Italy in 2012 with great acclaim, is supposed to, so go the rumors continue. Their first six episodes were all based on early stories (not about novels) Camilleri, with some biographical networking and the familiar staff were the enriched Montalbano main series (Fazio, Mimì, Catarella, dottor Pasquano, Adelina …) [Read my review to the television series”.

Before you know it Il giovane Montalbano “on books reviews” the children get older. Also the “giovane Montalbano” is no longer as in the first TV season rookie. Although he still likes his investigation leads through unconventional means, cares only limited to guidelines and do not see why he should curb his temper. But are not they just the essentials that will define him through the next decade and make our esteemed heroes? But we do not know that he.

So is he a little push off the horns quiet.

A contradictory personality is already Salvo (in the eighties). On one hand, short-tempered, disrespectful, bossy, on the other hand understanding and forgiving, even introspective, concerned about the respect of his private area. will let one hand rebellious against any patronizing and generally each hierarchy, on the other hand not quite unpretentious seen in its fresh position as head of the Commissariat which no uncertainty (although he was some weakness is conscious).

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On the one hand he pursues lousy fellows quite adamant on the other hand he has no qualms about letting a criminal unscathed or even to cooperate with one if it serves justice, as he defines it: less of law, hierarchy or bureaucracy oriented to humanity.

In Salvos relationship is always as he nonchalantly taktiert, downright sneaky strategies cooking up to criminals to put a stop to. With his new girlfriend Livia from Genoa (which he calls “all origini Ritorno” in, German entitled “San Calorio”, has met [Lesen here my review zu “Ritorno all origini | San Calorio” (Episode 3 of the television series “Il giovane Montalbano”).

The country has when the” look back giovane Montalbano “changed. you pay in lire and has to also count in everyday life with huge amounts to assassinate the Pope John Paul II. shaken dominated the headlines the people, the affair of the Vatican bank Banco Ambrosiano and the financial juggler Michele Sindona. Better therefore were not the old days. Therefore, the cases that the commissario to grapple must , in principle, always the same s. relationship matters, kidnapping, extortion, robbery, violence, drug trafficking, property speculation, girl trafficking, prostitution – and behind often stuck enough the mafia clans Sinagra and Cuffaro.

Who knows what Camilleri and / or has led to the creation Sellerio publishing this narrative band (supposedly it originated more than two years back). It may have been commercial considerations to the brand “Montalbano” to have an update bestowed or provide scripts for the TV series spin-off. What is certain is that the concept is literary voices and delightful. Camilleri has Salvo Montalbano well maintained for over two decades. He has matured into a nuanced, contradictory and strong personality; significant scars bear witness to the conflicts that have marked his official and private biography. Since the review is worth: How did it all begin? And Camilleri’s can hold a writer who is also very long filaments perfect.

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