Old Man And The Sea Research Paper

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Through times of battle. worlds resort to memories and thoughts to assist them through struggle and hardship. In The Old Man and the Sea. Ernest Hemingway’s supporter. Santiago relies on his connexion with the sea and with nature. his relationship with a immature male child.

and past memories and dreams to acquire through his battles with a big marlin. which he catches after 84 yearss with no fish. Ernest Hemingway uses Santiago’s bravery. love of nature and his experience to assist him overcome hardship.

The novel takes topographic point largely out-of-doorss and at sea. This scene is of import. because the sea and nature both are of import parts of Santiago’s life. Santiago makes a populating off of the sea. He besides feels a strong connexion with both the sea and nature.

The sea is what makes Santiago’s life worth life and is ironically what causes his hardship. Santiago uses the sea to take his head off the hurting he experiences in his organic structure. but the sea is besides what causes that hurting. In the beginning of the novel. he was depicted as old but cheerful. Everything about him was old. except for his eyes. They were the same colour as the sea. cheerful. and undefeated. Yet subsequently in the novel.

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his vision got blurry because he was ill. dehydrated. and worn out because of his battle with the big marlin.

Old Man And The Sea Research Paper

Besides. “he ever thought of the sea as La March which is what people call her in Spanish when they love her… The old adult male ever thought of her as feminine and as something that gave or withheld great favours. and if she did wild or wicked things it was because she could non assist them” ( Hemingway 29 ) . Unlike many others. the old adult male loves and respects the sea. because he sees its beauty. Despite the battle the sea creates for him. he knows that it merely creates adversities because it can non forestall them.

The old adult male besides uses nature to quiet himself down. so he stops worrying about the hungriness and hurting ( Hemingway 109 ) . This is besides shown in the quotation mark. “Remember we are in September. The month when the great fish come… Anyone can be a fisherman in May” ( Hemingway 18 ) . This quotation mark shows that anyone can get the better of the easy times. but it takes bravery and strength to get the better of the unsmooth times. Santiago’s battle with the sea by and large is what causes his hardship in the novel. yet besides portion of what helps him get the better of it.

Santiago is an old fisherman in Cuba. . who has gone 84 yearss without a fish. He is “thin and gaunt with deep furrows in the dorsum of his neck…and his custodies had deep-creased cicatrixs from managing heavy fish on the chords. But none of these cicatrixs were fresh. They were every bit old as erodings in a fishless desert” ( Hemingway 10 ) . These cicatrixs show Santiago’s life-time of experience and hurting. However. his cheerful eyes. that are the colour of the sea. demo his juvenility. and his hope. This hope. juvenility. and finding is what helps him overcome hardship and travel out fishing after 84 twenty-four hours of unluckiness and catch a marlin. Through his actions. we learn that Santiago is relentless and hopeful. despite his fortune. and sentiments of the other fisherman. Besides in the novel. as Santiago’s hurting becomes harder and harder to cover with. he starts to unknot. and the reader can see a deeper side of him.

As he both flashes in and out of world. the reader besides learns of what help’s Santiago maintain traveling. and cover with this hurting. The reader besides see’s Santiago’s purposes change somewhat. At first it was more about desiring glorification. and desiring to acquire rid of his bad fortune run. “Then he began to feel for the great fish he had hooked. He is fantastic and strange… Never have I had such a strong fish… What a great fish he is” ( Hemingway 48 ) . Santiago begins to detect the fish’s beauty. and strength. and feels bad for the fish ; this shows Santiago’s regard for the fish. Santiago goes even further in this statement by stating “Fish. I love you and esteem you really much. But I will kill you before this twenty-four hours ends. ” Santiago says this. because he doesn’t want to kill the fist. because he has begun to care for it. and it reminds him of himself. but he knows he has to. for nutrient. and partly for his ain demand to cognize that he caught something. and that he wasn’t merely a sap for traveling out at that place ( Hemingway 54 ) .

Santiago besides begins to see great hurting in his custodies. and he feels nauseating. He needs something to cover with that hurting. To get the better of this obstruction. and hardship. he relies on his dreams. memories from his young person. and baseball. “He lived along the seashore now every dark. and in his dreams he heard the breaker boom. and saw the native boats come siting through it… . He dreams of topographic points now. and king of beastss on the beach” ( Hemingway 24 ) . His doggedness and his willingness to get the better of hardship. instead than merely give up. shows both Santiago’s strength and his bravery.

These are two of the things that make him a Hemingway hero. Hemingway’ besides uses pride as Hemingway’s ruin. and what makes him the hero he is. A epic adult male like Santiago should hold pride in his actions. and as Santiago shows us. “humility was non scandalous and it carried no loss of true pride” ( Hemingway 14 ) . At the same clip though. Santiago’s pride is besides what presses him to go perilously far out into the sea. “beyond all people in the universe. ” to catch the marlin ( Hemingway 50 ) .

And while he loved the marlin and even called him his brother. Santiago admits to killing the fish for pride. and he was besides excited at the chance to conflict such a worthy opposition. It could besides be interpreted. that the loss of the marlin in the monetary value that Santiago had to pay for his pride in going out so far in hunt of such a gimmick. In the terminal. Hemingway suggests that pride in a occupation good done. even if pride is what drew Santiago into an unneeded state of affairs. is a positive trait. Another ground behind this could be Santiago’s need to experience worthy. Santiago is obsessed with turn outing his worthiness to those around him. He had to turn out himself to the male child: “the 1000 times he had proved it meant nil. Now he was turn outing it once more.

Each clip was a new clip and he ne’er thought about the yesteryear while he was making it” ( Hemingway 66 ) . And he besides felt the demand to turn out himself to the marlin. This demand. is a large portion of what makes the novel. If Santiago. didn’t feel the demand to turn out himself to everyone. to the male child. to himself. or to the marlin ( the sea more by and large ) . so there wouldn’t be a narrative. His pride wouldn’t have pushed him out that far. because he wouldn’t have felt the demand to travel. This is a large portion of what makes his character overcome the odds. and hardship. Santiago’s relationship with the sea shows that with finding. one can get the better of the adversities in life. and go on to contend.

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