Comparing the Differences Between the Collegiate and Professional Football

As long as football has been popular, sports fans have debated about which level of football is more exciting to watch, collegiate or professional. There are many differences between the two levels of play as well as different rules for each game. However, I feel that there are three main reasons collegiate sports are more popular than professional sports. College football fans are more involved in the game, the atmosphere of college football games is more exciting, and the football players themselves are much more dedicated to the game.

Football seems to spark the biggest debate, College football fans seem to be more involved in the game. Whether there is rain, sleet, or snow, college fans will come out in large numbers to support their favorite teams. In collegiate sports, the atmosphere is usually high, with a large and noisier crowd. Some may think that “the complextion in college sports is far less advanced and agruable less interesting” (Scofield l).

I disagree because I do not believe that the simple fact that college football is less complex makes it any less interesting. The students section are what make the stadium exciting with their chants and signs that contribute to the excitement of the game. Lots of fans feel closer connections to teams like the Georgia Southern Eagles than the much more distant Atlanta Falcons especially if they grew up in a smaller town like myself. Frequently, college alumni support their alma mater by attending games in large number and provide financial support as well.

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Most professional teams tend to have a larger fan base, but they are not nearly as dedicated as college football fans. College football fans always support their teams even if they are not having a great year, unlike professional fans, who only support a team if they are winning that year.

In a recently conducted survey by the National Fan Survey, football fans preferred the atmosphere of a college game, and the activity of tailgating. The atmosphere of college football games always seems more exciting that the professional games. NFL players are expected to perform. They are paid large salaries, because they are “the best of the best”. This, however, makes them seem less impressive. With collegiate football games, a single game can “make or break” a team. It is exciting to see a small team like Georgia Southern move on to beat a large school, such as the Florida Gators. This incredible performance of an “underdog” team is not only exciting to watch, but also inspiring as well. It is thrilling to see these small, unknown football teams rise up and challenge large football teams. The coaching of these small teams, along with the recruitment of players of national talent is impressive to see at the start of the season.

Before the game, it also exciting on game day to tailgate with spirits high and a variety of delicious food. According to the website tailgatingcom, there were an estimated 50 million tailgaters at college games last year. The dedication of the college football players seems to be greater than professional players. First of all, they do not get paid the large salaries that professional players are, and they usually do not transfer to another team or school because of the pay. Also, college football players usually play for all four years that they attend the university. The hard work and dedication of these college players is nothing like that of NFL players. Some may believe that “In college most athletes are competing in their sport because they love it. Once the sport becomes a job that they love, it turns into hate and the want to turns in to have to.“ (Thomas 1), | feel that because it is a “job”, NFL players are more likely to be less dedicated to the fans or the game.

The college teams must learn to work under pressure, going against varying degrees of skill of the players, teams, and coaches which shows the true dedication of the teams. Many aspects of college football make it more exciting to watch, regardless of which team is playing. The involvement of the college football fans, the atmosphere of the game and the dedication of the football players is what truly makes collegiate sports much more thrilling to watch season after season. Furthermore, it is my belief that a college football team has to do everything they can to be undefeated is about as exciting as it gets. Whether it’s the love of the game or the thrill of excitement, football fans will always gather in large numbers to support their college teams.

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