Comparing the Similarities and Differences in the Film The Monkey's Paw

In every single story, there are similarities and differences between a story and a short story film just as the story “The Monkey’s Paw.” There are two similarities and differences for example; A guy showing up at the door of the parents’ house granting the 200-pound wish, as to the short film the guy isn’t even there. Also, when the parents’ die at the end of the short film as to the story where the parents are still alive.

Talking about similarities this what I will be sharing next up. Out of the differences, there are also similarities.

For example in scene three on the “Monkey’s Paw” and the video clip that goes with it, the setting was the same. Both at night and starts in the bed with mother weeping. Also, the characters which include the mother the father (the old man) and their dead son. These are the similarities between the book and the video clip about it.

in the book on line 294,300,380 to 382 and a little towards the end of the clip, the mother father and son were still included in both types of media. The author kept both of those similarities in both the book and video because they were important parts. For example, the part where the mother cries for her son lead to the idea of her remembering the “Monkeys Paw”, and begging her husband to wish her son back to life.

Which lead to her zombie son banging on the door until the old man took “the paw” and wished for the son gone.

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There are many, many more similarities, but there also differences to be covered. So we heard the differences and why the author added them, but there are also differences and reasons for those too. First off the producer of the film adds a wintery theme at the end of the video clip were to at the end of scene three of the book the author ends the story with the mother on the ground weeping and crying out for her son. Also at the end of the clip, the producer added the mother and old man dying with the father saying the paw has finished with them were to the book none of that ever happened.

The director of the film added the parents dying for more of a dramatic tone for readers. As to the wintery theme kind of a sad tone to the film. As I said, in the beginning, there are similarities as to differences between every story and there the reason for being there. In “The Monkey’s Paw” there are a lot of similarities and differences and their reasons for being there, but if I were to name them all this would be a whole book.

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