The Differences Between Basketball and Football

In today’s society, sports are an enormous pan of the American lifestyle Basketball and football are two of the most popular sports played, Both sports have an enormous fan base that goes above and beyond when cheering for their team to win. As someone who plays high school basketball and football, both are very exciting. It is a very difficult choice when deciding which sport to commit to playing. Although playing basketball and football have some similarities, a player should consider the differences between the spons, such as where games are played, the physical contact, and the dress code One of the biggest differences between basketball and football is where the games are played.

Basketball is played mostly indoors in air-conditioned gymnasiums Teams are composed of ten players on the court. Players compete by shooting the basketball through a goal to score two or three points per basket. The game is played on a wooden, rectangular floor that is divided into two sections called the court.

On the contrary, football is played outdoors under the elements of Mother Nature such as; rain, sleet or snow. Teams are composed of 22 players on the field. Players compete by throwing or running the football from one end of the field to the other end of the field to score 6 or 2 points. The game is played on a rectangular field that is made of artificial turf or grass. In basketball, players go to the free throw line to score extra points after a foul.

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In football. players kick the football through upright goal post to score extra points after a touchdown. Another difference between the sports is the amount of physical contact that is allowed. In basketball, physical contact is called a foul. Most fouls are called when a player is overly aggressive on defense. If you are called for more than five fouls in a game, a player will be removed from the game and sits on the bench the rest of the game. In football, physical contact is expected and called a tackle.

Players are trained to be aggressive. However, there are penalties for helmet to helmet hits. This penalty is called targeting and results in a player being ejected from the game and removed from the playing field. The dress code is another difference between basketball and football. Basketball players wear shorts and a jersey as a uniform, football players normally wear trousers that come to the knee and a long sleeve shirt. Football players also wear pads under their uniform and helmets, ln basketball there is no protective head geart Players sometimes adorn head bands just to add to their style, Both sports have numbers on the jersey to keep track with a player’s production on the field. This includes points scored as well as fouls and penalties.

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