Chinese New Year Important Date for Chinese People

Chinese New Year is an important holiday to China. Chinese New Year is a festival that marks the beginning of a new year on the traditional chinese calendar. One tradition during this time is that you wouldn’t be able to wash, sweep, or take out the garbage. On the first day of the lunar year you can’t wash hair, or clothes because they believe that you will wash away fortune. The reason you can’t sweep, or take out the garbage is that people believe you can remove good luck from the house.

Most of their food has some sort of meaning during Chinese New Year. For example, prodigious mounds of rice means hope for good harvest next year. Another example is, fish means an increase in prosperity. In china the way they say fish makes it sound like surplus. This is part of the reason that in china they like to eat fish during chinese new year.

They want to have a surplus at the end of the year, because they think if they can save something at the end of the year, they can make more the next year.

They also eat dumplings on this holiday. Dumplins mean wealth. They believe that the more dumplings you eat the more money you can make in the New Year. Clearly, food is a very important part of Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year has many traditions. For example, red is the main color of Chinese New Year. The website “chinahighlights.

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com” mentioned that “as red is believed to be an auspicious color.” Red is everywhere. It is a tradition. There are red chinese lanterns hung in the streets along with red couplets that are put up on doors. The website “chinahighlights” also states “Most public decoration is done a month before.” This shows that decoration is an important tradition to them. Another tradition is that they have a wheel of animals that shows an animal for that year.

They have personality traits. For example, the pig that will be used for 2019 is compassionate. There are very important traditions to Chinese New Year. Christmas and Chinese New Year have many things that are similar but also have many things that are different between the two. One of the reasons that Christmas and Chinese New Year are the same is that they both have a lot of decoration. For example, on Chinese New Year they have paper cuttings, door gods, and just like Christmas they have a main color for that holiday. Red is the color that you will probably see on Chinese New Year. Christmas has lots of decorations too like the Christmas tree. Also, nutcrackers, and ornaments. Red and green are the main color for Christmas. On the other hand, they have some things that are very different like Chinese New Year has many superstitions, but Christmas does not. For example, they can’t go to a shoe store because they think of homonyms and things that sound like bad words. Shoe is the homonym for rough.They think this will mean they will have a rough year ahead.

However, Christmas doesn’t have many superstitions. Also, Christmas we usually wear things like dresses and skirts and dress clothes. , on Chinese New Year they wear lots of red because that is their main color. You can clearly see that christmas and Chinese New Year are the same and different. As you can clearly see, Chinese new year is very important to many people . Most people love to celebrate the end of the year with family, friends and they get to bring in new luck and fortune. I think that Chinese New Year is a very important holiday so chinese people can start over for a new year and so they can have fun with people they love. People most likely feel excited and love to get together with family that they might have not seen in a while or see every day. Next time when you see someone that is doing a chinese tradition like hanging up red or making tons of rice think about if they could be celebrating chinese new year.

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