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Bath bursts onto the scene taking the entire pilgrimage by surprise. Her agenda is to engage in the medieval debate on marriage, confronting the scholarly authority of the church from the standpoint of common experience. Her main emphasis is on mastitis and believes that women should have the upper hand in marriage, making winning and retaining magistrate their main objective.

She also refutes canon law which says you are only allowed one husband, distorting and manipulating carefully selected parts of the bible and mythology to support her argument.

Justification for having more than one husband, the wife argues, can be found In several Instances In the Bible and argues this point throughout the prologue. She brings up Abraham and Jacob who C]headed wives more then two’, slang this as evidence of the consonance of multiple marriages.

She also mentions Solomon who had over seven hundred wives and uses this In support of multiple marriages being permissible. These men flare all accounted wise holy men, yet all were married many times without incurring any stigma.

She cannot see where God expressly forbid marriage or ordered people to be chaste. Even Saint Paul merely advises those to remain single and chaste who could live happily married, That is to be wedded is no seine; Bet is to be wedded than to brine’.

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She points out that when he spoke of virginity it was only his opinion anyway and Cloistering is no commandment’, he was not speaking with divine authority. The way the wife is very selective with information from the Bible and manipulates it to her advantage is typical of her narrative style and she omits parts that contradict her viewpoint.

She does not mention that Abraham and Jacob were permitted to marry more than once due to special resistances and that Solomon turned away from the Lord and followed strange gods. She also uses the Samaritan woman who had Evolve husbanded’ to support her point, contradicting and dismissing the words of Jesus claiming That that he Monte thereby, I Kane Nat seen’ when he said That Like man that now hath thee is night than housebound’.

The wife does hold virginity in high regard, Overindulgent Is greet perfection’, but admits that It is not for her and it was not intended for everyone, The spas to hem that would live partially; And lordliness, by you’re level, that am Nat l’. She continues to use religion In her support of sex and marriage as God told Adam and Eve to Go forth and multiply’ and that is exactly what she Is doing, the world must be populated. She adopts a common sense approach whilst admiring the form of sexual organs.

Taking the view that they cannot have been made for nothing, she lists their uses such as Tot known a female from a male’ and concludes that they were made for both practical and physical purposes, They make Ben for bother’. If men and women were provided with different sexual organs It must have been so they can have sex gather as well as the necessary functions such as purgation of urine’. Having standalone Tanat sex Ana marriage, multiple marriages In particular, are acceptable, she embarks on her discussion of mastitis. She believes That man shall yelled to his ‘. Ref hire date’ and this must be true as men Din hire books settee’. The wife thinks that this duty should be paid in sex, Noon wherewith should he make his pavement if he en used his sell instrument? ‘ She reveals how she obtains mastitis within marriage by using sex as a weapon, Din whoop I wool use my instrument as freely as my Maker hath sent it’. She is deliberately confrontational in her further explanation of the concept of mastitis as the Bible says differently, 01 have the power during al my elf upon his proper body, and night he.

Manipulating a biblical reference and taking it out of context she supports her opinion, the Apostle Bad our husbanded for to love us well, omitting the section that states wives must obey their husbands. Despite using religion and subverting texts constantly to suit her needs she hypocritically dismisses the Apostles saying After thy text, en after thy rubric, I wool Nat writhe as Michel as a gnat’. Through the account of her previous lovers and husbands the wife continues to demonstrate how she has achieved mastitis in her relationships and her motives behind them.

Her primary motive for marrying her first four husbands was to secure marital wealth and social status as they were all very wealthy. She wanted them to do their marital duty to her all the time despite the fact that the first three were clearly Detour’ and Thrall. She admits that having secured their marital wealth she felt no need to DOD longer diligence to wine hire love. She had power over her husbands as he refused to have sex with them unless they did what she wanted and bestirred a lot of pain on them, The penny I died hem and the woo.

She complained when she was the guilty party and made their lives unbearable, For as an hors I exude bite and whine’. When she eventually marries The Jolly clerk Jacking she is sufficiently wealthy to no longer need to gain anything from the marriage and gives him her possessions. For once the wife does not have mastitis within a relationship as it is Lankan who has the upper hand and he reads her stories from his book to show her owe inferior women are, Oho headed a book that gladly, night and day, for his disport he would red away Yet she managed to gain mastitis and Made him Brenner his book.

She got back her independence and control over her husband and Dafter that day’ they Deaden never debate’. The marriage was improved by Jinni’s acceptance of his wife’s sovereignty. On the basis of Jinni’s book she argues the misogyny of scholars and writers, Tit is an impossible that any clerk wool Spike good of wives’. She points out that they cannot write objectively and so can dismiss what they say in favor of her own pragmatic doctrine. The knight in the tale is more willing to find out what women want and goes about giving it to them.

Having been enlightened by the old woman that Omen desire to have sovereigns as well over hire housebound as hire love, and for to been in mastitis him above, he actually gives her the power in the marriage he is forced into. Convinced of her wisdom he gives her mastitis by letting her decide whether she remains old, ugly and faithful or beautiful with all the shortcomings that accompany it. When she asks the question Ethane have I getter of yow mastitis’ he accepts that seen Joey’ s seen Decodes Delightful Ana remains true to ml as teeny Don live In apart ever after.

The wife’s prologue and tale suggest that there is nothing wrong with multiple marriages and sexual intercourse, however her authority for this is questionable due to the way she distorts and perverts texts in order to prove her point. Marriage is like a battle of the sexes, although the wife clearly does not intend to accept the subordinate position as wives should retain mastitis. It suggests that to give sovereignty to wives is good for both partners in a marriage, although this view may be reached with the bias of self-interest.

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