A List of Events and Holidays That Are on the Same Date as My Birthday

I honestly thought my whole life that nothing big ever happens on my birthday. I am my mother’s only child who has a birthday in August. All of my siblings’ birthdays are either in March, June, and December. I am all alone on August 10th. So I began to do some research and I was really surprised at all of the things that happen on my birthday. Some events I did not like so much and need to add to my bucket list.

First, I found out that in Spain on my birthday it is San Lorenzo Day. This celebration is a feast day, where all day and night is full of the event with free parties, food, and shooting stars. This is an event I would put on my bucket list. The event is to honor San Lorenzo’s memory and great sacrifice back in 258 A.D. San Lorenzo refused to give up the secrets of the Christian Church in Florentine.

Due to this act, Roman Emperor Valerian orders him to execute, on, and ever since the city of Florentine has honored the saint for many years on August 10th. The part that got my attention was the free lasagna. Any and everyone who knows me, know that I love lasagna. Well, anything with a lot of cheese and sauce. I think it is time for me to get a passport and make my way down to Spain and experience San Lorenzo Day.

Also, I discovered was on the 10th of August is it National Lazy and S’more Day.

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am not a lazy person at all but I do always try to get a little rest around my birthday. I am guessing this has something to do with the rain on my birthday as well. I believe you get great rest when it rains. It shocked me about the smores because I am not a huge fan of smores. I will eat them once every blue moon but I really cannot eat them on a daily. They do not excite me as much as they do many others. I enjoyed looking all up the events and important things that happen on my birthday. Now, I can feel excited knowing that awesome things are going on the 10ton h of August.

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