Steamy New Year Resolutions For A Better Sex Life 

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Who knew 2019 would come too soon? Every single time a brand new year lurks around the corner, people begin drafting resolutions in the name of self-improvement. The basics usually involve dieting, being kinder, saving up more, and giving up smoking or drinking. We’ve all heard this. It’s all too familiar: We welcome the spanking new year with a handful of hope and optimism only to stumble on the second day of twenty-whatever, indulging our frail selves. As you continue to build yourself up in your quest for the best you, why not shake things up a bit and create a lusty list of things to linger on and conquer? Repeat after us: 2019 will be my year of best sex!

If you’re unsure where to begin, take a hint from science! The following suggestions are all choices that will drastically improve your sex life: Moan more.

You don’t have to be as loud as a siren or as theatrical as a porn star, but research states that those who are more vocal in bed—both in groaning and in telling their partner what they like during the deed—tend to be the most satisfied sexually.

Why you ask? For starters, moaning helps send the signals. It tells your partner what feels good to you and how you want you done. Additionally, these sex sounds are considered to be notifications of appreciation for your bed buddy’s efforts, too.

Try new sex positions, but with a twist! Studies show that both men and women find it easier to orgasm when they experiment with sex positions.

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Try out a new steamy position for every month and apply each one as the months progress. That way, you’ll have one hell of a sexcapade by the end of next year! 3. Don’t forget to cuddle. Instead of dozing off right after the bedroom ritual, try cuddling or spooning. Research suggests that the more moments people invested in post-sex devotion, the more satisfied they were with their sex lives—not to mention happy, too! This is one of the many conclusions that have been drawn that works for all genders. It’s always good to know that while sex itself is healthy and enjoyable, what you do after definitely matters as well. Ready for more? Work on your foreplay game.

Time and again, science has revealed that penetration alone isn’t consistently sufficient to make many women orgasm. Often, lovers go through the smooching phase only for a matter of meaningless minutes. The key here is to linger. Sex experts advise for us to not escalate the kiss-then-pound development rather so quickly. Instead, an equal amount of time is encouraged to maximize, not just carnal contentment, but also human intimacy. 5. Play with sex toys. They say, no one really grows up. Our toys just change. This particular belief may ring extra true to many couples. Many men and women who’ve used adult toys have reported having experienced a more unique and fulfilling sexual encounter with their partners. For an even more novel experience, try using Hollywood Condom’s The Diva. Textured condoms are a fantastic way to spice up penetration and increase sensation! Are there any other things you’d like to include on your own steamy new year sexolution list? Let us know in the comments!

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