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Initially, interest in this candidate surfaced from my personal love of soccer and every part of it. As an active player at YSU, familiarity arose with Abdulaziz. Not only does he run and manage the soccer team at this University, he also has dual degrees; one in mechanical engineering, and the other in electrical engineering Both prestigious and difficult degrees to obtain, came naturally to him. Although, he certainly undergone several of his own obstacles on his life course, his proactiveness and endurance allocated success for him At YSU, not many faculties come from Saudi Arabia, which sparked even more interest in choosing him for an interview The qualities possessed by this man make him a leading area for further study and examination.

Abdulaziz is approachable, intelligent in many areas, and dedicated to athletes and students alike. Such characteristics can lead only to prosperity in ones life, and following in these footsteps would be beneficial to anyone.

When first asked to do the interview, Abdulaziz was ecstatic, although this certainly wasn’t the first or last that would be conducted His enthusiasm was easily seen through the large smile that took over his entire face.

Generally, the one interviewing will set up this arrangement, however, the next day a text appeared from him setting up all arraignmentsl The interview was both formal and informal in nature. It was open, and one could be themselves within it. No pressure or anxiety occurred A type of interview that most people strive for, was easily accessed, without no hesitation or deeper thought.

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A true blessing and rarity this was. The interview took place in a small coffee shop only moments away from campus headquarters. The soothing and relaxing atmosphere was the proper setting for such an event. Not to mention, we are both lovers of coffee.

Although, Abdulaziz loves to drink his black, I did notjudge such tasteless choices, With confidence, he answered each question fully, drawing from the paragraphs the most essential of information It was somewhat difficult in deciphering what to use and what not to use. Reason being, that everything this man has to say is somewhat useful even off topic. Anyone could learn much from a man like Abdulaziz. A man who did not allow his setbacks or obstacles to get in the way of his goals. Being from another country can be highly difficult, not only learning another language, but learning societal norms as well. Abdulaziz appears to have adjusted quite well, without forgetting who he is and where he has come from. He is employs several roles in his life on and off campus, and seems to balance quite well. A devote Muslim, father, coach, and educator, there isn’t much this man doesn’t do.

When most people can‘t handle multiple roles, he excels well in each one, Despite his large degree of knowledge, he is a very approachable man. He treats each person equally, and speaks passionately about what he loves. Soccer was always his favorite past time, during his years studying, he would always play with his friends, He became quite well, and after transferring to YSU from Tampa, FL, he was offered a position he couldn‘t refuse. Which was to manage the soccer team, This was unexpected to him, but nonetheless a blessing from Allah. When surrounded by him, one feels warmth and acceptance. He is the sort of guy that you can go up to and discuss your personal life with. And he always makes time no matter the amount of work he has. This is truly inspiring because not many are willing to do so in this world today. The amount of knowledge that this young man of 23 years old possesses is mind shattering. Although close in age, he is lightyears above the knowledge of the average person of this age.

Abdelaziz’s knowledge expands further than soccer and engineering, he also has a lot of knowledge in different topics as well. In areas of life, medicine, and religion as well. With having so much education on these areas, he is a worldly and whole person. A person that anyone could learn from. Even those with doctorate and master degrees Personally, anyone could learn at least one interesting thing from this guy. As stated earlier, some of the information had to be cut from the interview, not because it wasn’t useful, but because Abdulaziz could speak on any subject for hours. His passions extend to many different topics, and he breaches upon each often in conversation As explained above, he loves students and athletes the same. Even if you are neither, he would still make time for conversation with you Even with his vigorous schedule, he still finds time to volunteer in a soup kitchen on a weekly basis.

Abdulaziz is a man of religion, education, athleticism, management, and humblenesst His deep concern for the less fortunate far expands his duty at the local soup kitchen, he also helps in many charities as well, One of the main contributions of this man is towards Red Cross foundation. The Red Cross is a very worthy cause and Abdelaziz is quite passionate about it. Many people believe that this organization just simply donates blood to those in need. However, Abdulaziz provided much insight into other realms of the organization, He stated that they not only donate blood, however, they provide shelter, food, health care, and health care to those with mental disabilities as well. His fascination for such an organization arose when he viewed a sign asking for donations of blood, This was several years ago, he was hesitant to go due to his fear of needles, however, after attending, this fear was extinguished.

This organization was able to help him in a way that was never known to them, his fears of this were completely gone after realization of how much he helped someone. Abdulaziz shared a personal story about how when he was younger, he was in a bad bike accident after going down a steep hill, He was rushed to the emergency and lost a lot of blood from his head. He stated that he was given blood, and now he feels the need to pay this act forward. Abdulaziz generally goes and donates blood once every two weeks. One’s character is truly found in the way they act when no one is looking And most people have no idea about the many contributions of this man. Abdulaziz is not a boastful man, he is humble and kind, He does this not for the appreciation of others, but for himself and Allah as well.

He understands that although, such rewards and respect may not be given to him now, that one day it will all pay off. Allah encourages all of his children to act in this way, and Abdulaziz follows this strictly each day. Islam is not the only religion who asks these tasks either, it is found in almost all religions. If more of us were to follow in this way, the world would be a much better place to live. Each of us should strive to be like Abdulaziz, even on the more difficult days By doing so, we can not only help those, but learn a lot as well. Abdulaziz says that he has learned more from homeless people and poor than anyone else He values what they have to offer and treats them with dignity. Abdulaziz is a fine example of a leader and hero, much information and wisdom seep through him. There is not a more applicable person for the choosing of this interview.

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