Becoming a Lawyer and Switching to Criminal Justice at Valencia

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Making the decision to become a lawyer wasn’t an easy one to make after months of confusion indecisiveness and even desperation at one point, I was finally able to figure out a field that is very interesting and filled with many opportunities and different kinds ways to help others. The law path is something that will help me achieve my purpose by helping others. As a strong believer in equality and the importance of justice Becoming a lawyer is the perfect road to go down in my case.

By switching to Criminal Justice at valencia I will be able to start on my path to law school, I had the honor of interviewing the gorgeous Jumana ALkhatib who goes by the name Gigi Al Hadid as well who specialized in Immigration, divorce, criminal, and even traffic she has been a lawyer for a few years now.

I wasn’t surprised by the information Ms. Al Khatib gave me Being a lawyer is very hectic and I have to always remember that I’m doing it to help people and the fact that I have to deal with demanding clients isn’t something that scares me as I ‘am used to dealing with people and managing my time and giving the right amount of energy to each task given to me, Ms.

Alkhatib took a different path than mine as I want to do corporate law while she majored in international law and criminal defense but she did encourage me to pursue it as she believes it’s where the ‘money ‘ lays rMs Alkhatib studied immigration law which is something that is very fascinating and eye-opening it’s unique and filled with so many facts and information I’m very intrigued by the law field going to law school is my goal and majoring in corporate law is a long term goal.

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This interview has allowed me to realize many things about myself and the career path that I chose.

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