Art, Text and Relatable Concepts Makes Interesting Advertisement

Advertisements use multiple techniques to appeal towards people that the ad is directed to. The methods used can range from simple to complex. A particular subject matter for the audience to relate to. A normal view made abstract when joined with a grim situation. They use colors to invoke an emotional response. Sometimes plain text so that the main message is not lost. The ad uses a combination of all the mentioned designs. The advertisement “Liking Isn’t Helping” by CRS is effective.

The thumbs up is an idea that users of social media can relate to. A common concept of social media is like a paste. Everyone loves to Like a post no matter what the content is. Even to a certain extent where they would Like things that people normally wouldn’t such as the passing of a relative. It does not mean they are happy about it but are really just trying to show support for the situation.

Even though people want to show their support the ad replies to that with “Liking isn’t helping.” Some would argue support is a form of helping but actually doing something about it would be more productive. Using a popular notion of social media gives the main target audience something they can understand.

The photographic details emphasize social media users’ views on depressing situations. The grayscale tone gives a depressing and serious mood. The main focal point is the child who is working in knee-high water to support their home from overturning.

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Surrounded by a lot of arms, giving a thumbs up seems absurd compared to if they would help the child. The angle of the shot, people scrambling in the background and even the awkward thumbs up reinforces the chaotic nature depicted. The placement of the text “Liking isn’t helping” combined with the confused yet slightly disgusted look on the child’s face conveys that thought they are having. Various art styles are used to help highlight the tone of the ad.

The text on the photo helps convey the main message of the ad. The ad is directed towards users of social media. Even if the viewer had no or limited experience with Facebook, they would agree that “Liking isn’t helping.” It is also stated that volunteering can help change a life. The ad itself gives information on where to volunteer via a website address. Crisis Relief Singapore is a Christian based organization that provides help to multiple countries in Asia. The message of the ad is clearly printed so that main idea is easily read.

The techniques employed by the ad makes it effective. At a quick glance the ad seems pretty simple but closer observation it uses many subtle details to make its message loud. The simple print is easily understandable even if the reader is not the targeted market. The aesthetic qualities of the photo set a serious mood to give an emotional response. The ad assumes that most people will Like any grim situation posted on social media. Users should prove them wrong by volunteering their time to help other people instead of just only showing support.

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