Chiropractic Is a Difficult and at the Same Time Interesting Science

From an ankle sprain to a bum knee, from a hurt back to a shoulder surgery, I have witnessed my own body be injured time and time again. Through it all the most unfathomable part was the power of the human body to heal, and not only heal, but grow stronger to prevent further injury. I have always had a curiosity in the natural healing methods we as humans have developed, and even strayed away from. Having grown up with this eagerness to learn about the body, I have naturally been drawn to helping others improve their physical and mental well-being.

Being able to blossom this interest is why I want to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Having grown up in an active household and with a father and maternal uncle who are both Doctors of Chiropractic, my interest in healthcare was fostered. I was afforded the opportunity to shadow my family in the chiropractic clinic throughout my life. This early introduction taught me many things about the healthcare field and allowed me to see the details and daily demands of what it took to be a chiropractor.

I was impressed with the constant and positive feedback the patients expressed and the genuine gratitude toward the doctor. I was able to learn the good with the bad and form my own ideas and opinions in the field. Being able to observe the complexities of the profession cultivated my interest and left me wanting to learn more.

Growing up an athlete made me in tune with my body and contributed to this curiosity.

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I always wanted to be able to perform at peak level and therefore I wanted to take care of myself. This extended to my teammates and I became the “stretching master” of my team and carried an apothecary’s kit (Biofreeze, Advil, foam rollers, etc.) in my sports bag. I explored the areas of warming up before games and recovery. I wanted to learn every method that I could be at my best. This motivation has led me to pursue and learn the ways of chiropractic and helping others.

During college, I was a member of the Varsity Soccer and Track and Field teams and I also studied the areas of Anthropology and Human Biology. Human science came naturally to me, but I knew I always had the opportunity to learn more. After college, I worked in a physical therapy clinic where I was able to participate in the practice of healthcare. Working in New York City, I was able to work with people of all walks of life. I learned a lot about patient care and the connections that we as humans make. This job gave me hands-on experience in the field and I was able to receive multiple certifications through this; Basic Life Support, RockTape Basic, and RockTape Performance. I felt as if I was able to have first hand experience and this solidified the idea of pursuing chiropractic.

My daily life activities and my environment I have surrounded myself have given me a natural affinity for wellness and a healthy lifestyle. My determination to learn health science and being able to improve people’s quality of life has led me to pursue a degree in Chiropractic.

The study and practice of chiropractic are more than just alignment, but is also deeply rooted in the philosophy of treatment and healing. When choosing to apply to National University of Health Sciences, I carefully considered which philosophy would best prepare me for my future and for the future of healthcare. National has a rich history in advancing the future of integrative healthcare. This is the reason that my father, my maternal grandfather, and my maternal uncle all attended National University; to be a part of the change that is defining the future of multidisciplinary healthcare.

National provides the opportunity for natural health science students to interact and learn from one another. Because the Illinois campus offers chiropractic medicine, oriental medicine, Naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, and acupuncture, students can learn through various perspectives. Being able to collaborate with other health care professionals, I will be able to learn the language and be a part of the future of health care that works in unison.

During my undergraduate schooling, I learned that I excelled in the sciences more than other areas of learning. National places an emphasis on evidence-based medicine and grounds its students in sound science and clinical research. Having a curriculum that is very similar to Medical Doctors and others primary care physicians is important in building a foundation in which I value. The gross anatomy lab is a key feature in which I will be able to apply my learning in a kinesthetic manner. Having the same training as traditional physicians and being able to learn through different perspective aligns with what I believe my philosophy to be.

National has credibility in its program through leading faculty experts and being involved in the latest in chiropractic medicine research; publishing academic journals and offering multiple clinical internships. Outside of the general chiropractic education, National offers its students opportunities to partake in areas connected to chiropractic medicine, for example, the business program. National will offer me the skills I need to succeed in today’s marketplace and knowledge in running my own practice. National also offers the advantage of having the opportunity to expand my education in the sports medicine world through continuing education seminars and courses focused on sports medicine.

Expanding my education at every opportunity is what National has that makes it stand out from other chiropractic programs. With a rich history and leading faculty, I know that I will be learning from the best. I would consider it a privilege to continue the lineage of top healthcare professionals that have graduated from National and an honor to continue what my family and the National University family has contributed to the growing field of helping people.

The shift toward natural and holistic healthcare is inevitable. This means more personal interaction with doctors and non-invasive treatments. Chiropractors are essential in the evolving healthcare wave and being able to obtain a specialized skill set is necessary for assuring the best quality patient care. Although there is always room to learn and grow, the innate qualities I possess along with the experiences I have gained, I believe I have the traits that will allow me to become a successful chiropractor.

Interpersonal skills are essential in a profession that deals with patients who are coming in with pain in both physically and mentally. Growing up playing team sports, I am constantly working in tandem with others to achieve a similar goal. Listening, speaking, following, and leading are all skills that I have learned to use to help achieve success. Ensuring patients are relaxed and comfortable is a skill that comes from communication. Effective communication is crucial and having honed my communication skills I will be able to ensure that the patient feels as if they are being heard. I can connect with the patient through the discipline of emotional intelligence. I have a way of understanding people that affords them empathy and reinforces their knowledge that I am there to help them.

Passion is a quality that I pride myself on. Being able to apply this to my profession is another reflection on the commitment I have to human health. Believing wholeheartedly in the practice will ensure my patients of my desire to help them and to the practice of chiropractic. This passion sparks my interest in wanting to learn the latest information in the field. Seeking out knowledge will allow me to answer my patients’ questions and the application of this knowledge will help them overcome injuries and disabilities.

Lastly, leading by example will make patients want to put their trust in me. Being active, being aware, eating right, being involved in the community, are all activities that help me lead a healthy lifestyle. I want to show patients that I am also a human and this is important to creating a healthy doctor-patient relationship.

These strong core values and skills will allow me to be successful in chiropractic. I seek to ease discomfort and enhance the quality of life of each patient. Having good communication skills will allow me to create trustful and exemplary patient care by connecting with each patient. Through my passion, I will be able to further my scope of knowledge in the field and ensure the patient that they are in the best care. By practicing what I preach, I will personally connect with each patient to give them the care that they want to receive. I strive to continue to master these skills and learn to possess more skills that will allow me to be the best chiropractor that I can be.

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