France Has Many Interesting Holidays and Celebrations

I never knew that! Wow!France has lots of interesting holidays and celebrations. Joan of Arc has a wonderful story, and had an amazing life. There is lots of interesting places in France. France has amazing stories. Holidays and celebrations France has a lot of interesting holidays and celebrations. Bastille day is an amazing national holiday of France(student world book). Corresponds to America’s Independence day. The French celebrate Bastille day on July 14th. On July 14th, the Paris attacked and captured the Bastille.

The Bastille is an old fortress that had been used as a prison. The capture symbolized new spirit and freedom which swept through France. This sweep through France lead to establishments of popular government. May Day is another great holiday for France. May Day is celebrated on May 1st.

May day is a spring festival. May Day is also called La Fete du Muguet (google search,may day). Lilys of all the valley flowers were given to the ladies or the peoples loved ones on May 1st.

King Charles the lX received a lily of the valley flower and liked it so much he gave it to the ladies of the court each year on May 1st Hallow’s day is a good holiday.  All Saints Day in France is known as “Toussaint”. November 1st. The Catholic tradition of honoring the dead. It’s a public holiday. Members of the family gather at the cemetery. They put Chrysanthemum flowers on the grave and light candles to symbolize happiness in the afterlife.

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Hallow’s day is celebrated on November 1st. Hallow’s day is a festival. Samhain, which means summers end. Hallow’s day is All Saints Day which means one who is holy. Christmas is also famous holiday celebrated by a lot of countries. It’s the birth of Jesus Christ and it is amazing holiday! Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. Christmas is all Christians feast day. The French have some amazing celebrations and holidays.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc has an amazing story and had a good life. Joan tried to for years and years to ignore the voices in her head that she heard. But even since she was 16 the voices in her head had gotten so loud that she felt she had no choice but to act. She traveled to the town where the Vancouvers are and asked the French troops if she could help them fight and defeat the English. Joan continued to fight until May 1430 , when she was captured by a group of French man who supported the English now. They sold Joan of Arc to the English, who put her in prison. For months and months she was interrogated. Joan was accused of holding beliefs that were against the official doctrines of the Catholic Church. Joan was accused of not having “proper” womens behavior. Joan refused to admit anything, instead she stated that she could hear God.

In amazing escape attempt, she even jumped from her tower cell. Finally, baffled by the girl they sent Joan home. Months and months later she was back and more determined. Joan was so passionate about her own mission that she was finally given the soldiers command. Joan raced with the troops to the battlefield inspiring them as they stormed into the city of the New Orleans. Which was occupied by the English. Joan’s army drove the English away and won the fight. The conflict between England and France was called the Hundred Years War. Insulated and injured she signed a confession and was sentenced to death. Joan was tied to a wooden stake and set on fire. Joan was only around 19 years old when she died on May 30th, 1431. Joan of Arc was gone. Her story still lives to this day. Joan of Arc had a good life and a fantastic story.

Places in France

France has a lot of interesting places. Notre Dame de Paris means Our Lady of Paris, also called Notre Dame Cathedral. One of the finest examples of french gothic architecture. Has beautiful stained glass, and rose windows. The Eiffel Tower was named after Gustave Eiffel who designed, and built it. The Tower was opened on May 15th, 1889 (pg 52 “where is the Eiffel Tower”). Today 120 antennas are at the top of the Eiffel Tower to help send messages from very far away points on the globe. The Gardens of Giverny, in 1883 a French painter named Claude Monet moved to a small town called Giverny. He always loved how the natural foliage of the Seine River valley was dappled by the warm summer sunlight. At Claude’s home, there he designed a wonderful garden that included all plants and really colorful flowers he always wanted to paint. There are lots of interesting places in France.

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