Art Helps Us See What We Can’t See

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Art is everywhere, everything in the public has been created by someone for something. The buildings we live in, work in, learn in, sweat in, shop in – they were all created by an architect with an artistic vision. When we go out for entertainment, music, acting, comedy, and history, it’s all an art-form created by someone with a passion. Any public area has been designed to be functional and artistic. Museums and galleries shows share incredible artworks created by famous artists.

It’s a part of what makes us human, a form of expression.

Beauty plays a huge important role in creating art that we see in everyday art. Some are able to decipher it, while other can’t. When they can decipher it true meaning and intention, it true value will be shown to the world. We as human are entranced by beauty, captivated by it. People pursue the tranquility of beauty wherever it is found in nature, public eye or in awesome products bought by everyday people, beauty draws us to art because it allows us express the true look of whatever we are drawing.

Creating beauty in art and design is clearly a tribute to the creator. The attraction is so strong and even those who consciously contradict the divine existence of it, are puzzled by it.

I love drawing art during my free time because it allows one to express their emotion and feelings. When I’m drawing a nature painting, I feel at ease and calm.

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I believe drawing nature or anything related to this matter has an aura of calmness. As I draw anything related to nature, I get to express my thought about the world. In high school I took a class called media arts, where we would would bunch of movie. After we view bunch of movies, we views some scene picked out by our teacher.

As we drew the scene, we had to implement the element of art in the picture. When the drawing of the scene was complete, we turned it in and the teacher would then look over it to make sure that everything is portray with the correct elements of art. If not he would give them back to us to redraw it many attempts to make sure that we are able to examine the many and different art of elements that there are. Overall I enjoyed that class because it allowed us learn about the element that make art have meaning and we got to view amazing movies.

Art allow people to take a close look at social issues, other people and their emotions, the environment that surrounds them, and the everyday objects and life around them. Art helps us see what is there but not easily perceived many people.

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