What you can see from here by Mariana Leky Review

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Who, warm for a modern, worldly-wise, looking profound tales, canceled at Mariana Lekys novel “What you can see from here” properly. The phenomenal narrator puts us in an unusual small village in the Westerwald the early eighties where loud quirky, lovable people live. What they do and what drives them, monitored and reported Luise whose childhood, adolescence and early adulthood, we may witness a wonderful way.

Louise’s parents are confident and willing to take care of her daughter, who but unfortunately do not have time for them, so they are busy with themselves.

However, mother Astrid operates with dedication florist, her brain is blocked, moreover, for five years, with the ever-present, never decided whether they should be separated from her husband Peter.

Peter is the local country doctor. He desperately over the dreary state of his relationship confides in the psychoanalyst Doctor Maschke. The luminary tells him his “encapsulated pain” to “externalize” whereupon Peter immediately for medical reasons a mongrel dog buys.

Since he personally is not around the animal can take care of, he leaves the “metaphor for the pain” grandmother Selma and made happy daughter Louise. He wants “more global” let in in his life, everything should – even his loved ones – on the nail hanging out, going on trips

The gaunt Martin is Louise’s best friend -. She wants him to marry later. Martin will be weightlifter once. For this purpose he trains now and then, if it’s just located, with an easy road, or he lifts Luise high, is also equal to the applause clapping audience.

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Later, as Martin is sure he will “smooth 185 kg” tear as once Blagoj Blagoev, the “Crane of Shakhty”.

Luise’s main caregiver is her grandmother Selma. That it is respected by all citizens, not least because of their strange dreams. Only three times in her life her is in fact appeared in his sleep one Okapi, and each time thereafter passed someone. While rationalist Peter believes this is nothing but outrageous nonsense, all other

No wonder believe in the village firmly to the relationship between the exotic cloven-hoofed animals and death. That Selma is alarmed when her again docile forest giraffe encountered. Wen death will pick from among them now? Although Selma tries hard to have come up with remarkably cheerful behavior no suspicion, they can not keep their secret. Luise it experiences as well as the optician who secretly loves Selma, but never know how to explain that to her. Wildfire captured the village.

The only person whom the terrible news pleased Bauer Häubel. After a long, full life waiting excited as a birthday child that the friendly death carefully knock on his door, asking to be let in and gently take his life out of his hand. All others try to beat their own way to cheat death.

The fat little Elsbeth runs a one the booth. After all, their home remedies for gout, lack of love and the like have always helped. was when the woman mayor once tormented by headaches, they advised her to lean his forehead against a horse’s head. But against death and Elsbeth can offer nothing.

Mariana Leky has created an entire dance wondrous characters in her novel, all of a modest fortune to live, often weighed down with the tragedy of missed moments and partly exposed to absurd situations. All combines empathy and tolerance of differences. Everyone takes in his own way the feelings of the other true, everyone takes sincerely share in the longing for love, in event of suffering pain, of inconsolable grief.

Time passes, Selma’s dream seems to lose its inevitability, the villagers begin to sway in security since tragedy strikes but still. As laconic, powerful pictures and poignant, the author describes the pain and sorrow that now shake the entire village, you rarely read. Luise falls into a kind of slumber. Selma wears her granddaughter three days on the arms, shoulders, without ever store. Elsbeth tried using the leaf blower spring in her garden in the autumn to transform.

But life goes on, Louise grows up, falls in love again. But that’s another story of this wonderful, rich episodic novel I think the list Zu 20 Lieblingsbüchern”

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What you can see from here by Mariana Leky Review
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