An Argument in Favor of Giving Students Less Homework

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Having homework helps keep students on track with the different concepts that they learn, but overload can cause a negative effect. Students who get a lot of homework tend to have a very little social life and the workload can lead to stress To start off, students who get a lot of homework tend to have a very little social life. Since students are always inside getting their homework done, they don‘t have time for a social life. Students are already doing a lot of work during school so more work at home causes them to not have time for other activities Some have extracurricular activities and it makes things harder when they have bundles of homework to do.

I believe that students should have their extracurricular activities because they work hard during school and need to have some relaxation Personally, as a high school student, I don’t have time for any extracurricular activities due to having a ton of homework I would like to be able to relax on the weekends, but I can’t because of the extra workload.

Secondly, a great deal of homework can lead to stress. After a long day of hard work at school, students would like to take a nice shower and hop on their comfy beds In reality, they stay up late and try to get all of their homework done‘ This is a very unhealthy lifestyle and can cause a student to stress out Stress can lead to depression and affect one’s health.

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The feeling of having too much homework can be overwhelming and can cause a student’s work to be inefficient Allowing students to have time to relax can relieve stress and they can replenish themselves. In conclusion, less homework should be encouraged because loads of homework causes a student to have a very little social life and eventually lead to stress. All students would like to relax and enjoy themselves before going back to school to work hard.

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