Poor Management's Negative Impact on Small UK Businesses in 2015

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Management in organization is important as it helps in designing the organization’s structure and to determine how the different aspect of the firm will interact to achieve the organization goals. Different levels of management will operate in different levels in the organization based on the design of the organization. Lack of proper management in the company will lead to economic consequences and it is therefore important for the leaders to make good decision on how to manage the organization and lead the other employees.

(Pfeffer, 2013). One way that ensures better decision making in the organization is evidence based management. In evidence based management managers will employ facts and logic rather than guesses and assumptions when making decisions and this leads to better decisions in the organization.

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In this paper we will analyze a current event that is related to management. On May 2015 poor management led to decline of small businesses in UK.

According result of a research conducted by the Warwick Business School, the decline of small and medium sized business in UK was a result of poor management.

The research measured the management and leadership skill of managers and they identified failure of mangers to apply the best management skills and practices leading to underperformance of the companies. Interview conducted in the organization found that poor management in the organization led to increased turnover and low productivity of employees. Understanding this issue will help the manager improve and enhance on their management skills. Good management skills will help to increase the productivity of employees, design a good organizational structure and utilize the resources well in the organization. The success of any organization will depend on the manager and effective management will help in goal setting, planning and motivation of employees.

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