The Issues of Vice President Al Gore on Small Businesses and Minority Small Businesses

Vice President Al Gore is the Democrat candidate for president for this Tues. November 7, 2000 election. Gore has many Views on many issues but his views on small businesses and minority small businesses are the following. Gore’s positions on small businesses are favorable. He supports the effort of the entrepreneur. He wants to make health insurance more affordable and more accessible for small businesses through a 25 percent tax credit for premium costs for each employee of a small business that decides to Join a purchasing coalition.

He also assists workers, up to $6,000, in obtaining training courses, or certification programs, that improve information technology skills. In the effort of support of small businesses, Gore wants to provide a tax relief for stay-at-home-parents and expand family leaves for those working outside the home. He also wants to institute a Retirement Savings Plus Plan: Tax-free savings accounts that will enable working Americans to build a retirement nest egg in addition to Social Security’s guaranteed benefit.

The Federal Government would match individual contributions with government contributions, with lower-income workers receiving the largest contributions. These tax incentives will help small businesses to establish high-quality employee pension plans and proposals to simplify pension and improve portability.  Al Gore belief is a strong believes in affirmative action and defends his position of the issue. Gore believes that Affirmative action is something that is still needed in America. He believes that the progress we‘ve made in America toward civil rights in the 20th Century must be only the beginning of the progress we’ll make in the let Century in the regard to racial equalrty.

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This ties in With minority owner small businesses by open doors for them. If elected president Gore will work to open up new doors of opportunity to neglected communities – with a third round of Empowerment Zones to create jobs and growth.

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