The Roles of the Government in Overseeing Businesses

It is true that when businesses are left to operate without any form of control, there is a likelihood of the businesses committing various mistakes that may be serious as they try to increase their profits, It is, therefore, necessary that the government oversees the operations of businesses and regulates them. However, the government should do that in a soft way or else investors will leave because they do not like heavy restrictions. The government, all the same, remains important in ensuring that businesses conduct their operations in an ethical manner.

The government should use coercion and encouragement in equal measures to ensure that all businesses operate in line with the set regulations. The government therefore has the following roles in ensuring that businesses operate ethically. Legislative Role It is the government’s legislative role to ensure that all businesses comply with set ethical expectations of the business to ensure that employees and the general public does not suffer from scrupulous businesses.

The rules set by the government are also meant to curb bribing and by major companies that often bribe authorities to get various favours that put smaller businesses in an uncompetitive place. Supervisory Role The government also has a supervisory role on existent companies to ensure that business ethics are followed to the latter. It is expected that when large companies merge, they gain a competitive advantage over other small companies which may result to unethical behavior from the small companies trying to keep up with the competition, It is therefore the mandate of the government to ensure that businesses operate ethically and that they do not exploit the public in the process.

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This can be effectively achieved by routine supervision to consistently check on the company’s operations, The government should also spend equal time monitoring the major companies to ensure that they do not take their dominant advantage for granted to exploit smaller companies. Incentivizing Role The government can further encourage ethical operation of companies by offering incentives to companies that comply with the set regulations Such incentives as tax breaks would motivate many companies considering that many companies spend a lot on taxes and that would mean that a company would make more profits if given a tax break, On the other hand, the companies that fail to comply with the government’s regulations should be taxes highly and fined for the destruction they do. For companies to shift to ethical ways of operations, the government should also create awareness of the advantages of the practice and reward the companies that operate on the set ethics.

For example, the government should encourage low emissions by actively campaigning and informing companies of the advantages of preserving the environment The businesses that adopt the preferred standards should be rewarded to encourage other companies to follow the routine Activity 2 It is ethically wrong to put financial interests ahead of human interests in any instance The wellbeing of the people should come first followed by other interests with their order of urgency In this case, WiBi Milestone, Inc has violated almost all the ethical requirements that a company should consider and tends to be more profit oriented and cares less about the wellbeing of the general public through environmental pollution and exploitation of the workforce As the vice-president of the Malaysian operations, change would begin with me. As much as the sector may seem to be so much infiltrated I would ensure that there are policies in place each at time to ensure that the welfare of the people and the environment are preserved.

There are many laws like the environmental, health compliance, and labor laws that the companies should follow. I would ensure that the company provides good working conditions to their employees and that it adopts proper waste disposal methods failure to which I would make sure that legal action is taken against the company. If the government fails to take action I would ensure that the matter gets to the UN as a matter of urgency and that which is putting human lives in danger and that way, justice would be granted. 0n the other hand, Iwould try to casually talk with the company’s management to try and explain to them that the employees are their greatest asset so they should provide them with a favorable work environment, I would finally tell them of the importance of adopting ethical methods of operations and how they can make them improve their income as well as guarantee the safety of the rest of the population.

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