The Destruction and Impact of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake

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Few seconds and everything turned into rubles. The heritages which boasted our rich civilization and manifested the artistic skills of our ancestors shattered into pieces within a blink of eye. Thousands of people lost their lives and a half million citizens turned homeless. Thanks to the benevolence of our citizens and the support of international community, the victims could breathe a sigh of relief; however herculean task of rehabilitation and reconstruction is yet to begin. Within a few years, our heritages can stand up; we can restore our glory and pride.

The situations were worse in Gujarat, but all thanks to their efficient leadership, realistic plans and policies, investments grew by leap and bounds and Gujarat witnessed a rapid progress which brought it to the forefront of development. Temporarily, we may face hardships but enormous prospects of development stand before us .All we need to do is to grasp this opportunity and make this earthquake a turning point for Nepal. Nepalese people are known far and wide for their courage and dedication.

Our masons are proficient, the builders are committed to renovate our heritages and we are rich in manpower. The dynamic youths just require some training and guidance and they will be at work.

The earthquake has provided a great opportunity to rebuild the country’s infrastructure and to make the lives of people even better than before.Engineering talents can showcase their skills and help victims face the upcoming monsoon and the stakeholders must find a solution to prevent the wastage of the hard -earned agricultural yield.

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Let this earthquake turn out to be a learning lesson for us, let it be the foundation of a newer, better Nepal.

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