Human Choices Leading Up To World Destruction

‘The choices I as an individual make, won’t make a difference’ this is the mentality that is strongly emphasized as leading up to the destruction of earth. Readers will continue to question while reading the book why us humans continue to self-destruct by making poor choices that is detrimental to our future; how did we dig ourselves in such a deep hole that earth suffers from human wrongdoing. Climate Changed: A Personal Journey Through The Science by Philippe Squarzoni argues and unfolds many faults and many injustices that is present in society today.

Selfish reasons is why the world cannot unify and develop ideas for world change whether it be environmental or social. Squarzoni creates two dialogues to demonstrate different perspectives certain people have concerning climate change.

First dialogue was members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Second dialogue was a man who in the process of writing a book about climate change and his wife. Squarzoni is contrasting the two dialogues of an everyday couple vs a group with political power and knowledge.

Second dialogue of the married man explains to his wife how he is concerned about climate change becoming deathlier and he alone cannot prevent this from occurring. The authors draws out the reader automatically feeling that sense of helplessness, one person cannot do this all alone we need a community. “Another problem is that we can’t see the change happening. The climate crisis is still far off, too abstract to shift our priorities (page 250).

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” The arousing feeling of discouragement is what the author is trying to achieve at the reader to draw attention to the mentality majority of society have nowadays about climate change.

Many people are uneducated about climate change issues and feel as if their contribution is meaningless, while others who are educated recognize it is indeed life threatening. The husband argues that yes, we as a society recognizes the issue but will put forth minimum effort to help out and not make any drastic changes to save the environment. The main argument/point Squazori is trying to emphasize in the book is humans have grown to be selfish through consumerism, they are unwilling to sacrifice their personal lives even if it means that the earth will continue to diminish. In the first dialogue, the man is bringing up that same idea revealing his thoughts on exactly what kind of help would he be working just alone. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change dialogue reveals another claim set forth by Squarzoni about society. The members discuss how climate is not only a political but also an economic standpoint. Examples include increase of diseases impacting the poor being that they are unable to afford health insurance. “Let’s say this happens in 2050.

The big question is: will the poorer countries of 2050 have health care systems comparable to those of the rich countries today? (page255)’ This quote examines the complexity of the solution to climate is change is not simple. Moreover, the reader learns that society is more protected under a political system as oppose to the less fortunate, tieing to the theme of selfishness. All throughout history hierarchy always determined ones race and socio economic status, society is motivated by individual gain only. Humans are selfish by nature, society does what’s best for their lives as oppose to the world. The only people ever in control are always elite. Squarzoni chose to contrast these two groups to reveal the social divide that still exists today. If the elite were in charge the only decisions being made will only be of personal gain while society will still have issues like climate change worsen over time.

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