Against the Funding of Space Exploration on Mars

Why are we even thinking about spending money on Mars when there is still so much to do on Earth? We shouldn’t be thinking about spending money on space exploration because we still haven’t finished exploring the earth. If we used the money to fund education programs like schools and other things of the sort ever child could have the tools to succeed. Poverty is also a huge problem, why not spend tax dollars on lowering the amount of homeless people in the world or starving children? Did you know that 95% 0f the Earth‘s oceans still have not been explored yet, 71% of the Earth’s surface is the ocean which is a huge amount of unexplored area? Even today we are still finding undiscovered tribes in the Amazon rainforests.

We are also finding countless new species some of which were thought to be extinct like the Monito del Monte, a small marsupial that was thought to be extinct for 11 million years was just recently found in the Southern Andes.

Did you know that there is evidence of a super ocean under the Earth‘s Surface. Steve Jacobsen, a geophysicist led a study discovering significant evidence of this super ocean. Being able to possibly recover water from this could provide huge amounts of water for children in poverty 40% of people in Saharan Africa live in absolute poverty. That means they make less than $1.50 (CAD) a week which isn’t nearly enough money to pay for basic needs such as clean water, food and shelter.

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At least 30,000 canadians are homeless every night, 150,000 use a homeless shelter at some point each year and at least 50,000 canadians are “hidden homeless”, couch surfing out sleeping in their cars. (All of those statistics were taken directly from a CBC article).

Canada is pretty good at keeping people in homes but around the world there are countless homeless people. If we spend tax dollars on sheltering and feeding the homeless they could get a chance and a better education and go somewhere in life instead of getting a job at McDonalds education is important and needs more funding. Did you know that the special needs education program is one of the most underfunded government programs. In 1975 there was a goal put forth by the legislation that 40% of the extra cost of funding special needs programs would be funded by the government but in 2002 they were only funding 18%.

Most schools can’t afford to replace old gym equipment and some Home Economics classes can’t afford to teach some of the products because they aren’t allocated enough money for the needed supplies. If some of the tax dollars were used to help put underprivileged children through university or college maybe they would grow up making more than minimum wage and be able to provide for a family if they wanted, Mars is a huge gamble why not spend our extra money on a sure thing that is important like schools, poverty or finishing exploring earth. Colonizing Mars is just a glorified scientific achievement spend money on the important things would you rather 1000 or so people living on Mats or 1000 or so children that came from nothing given a chance to change their futures?

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