“A Touch of Italy” by Valeria Vairo

“Il re del caffè”, “il Frate di Pietrelcina,” “Nico lo Zombie,” “nonno, nipote, cane e polpo”, “Terroni” and “poland toni” malicious “munacielli” and many others are the touch heroes great and small, tells about the Valeria Vairo stories directly the heart of every Italy fans.

The fifteen stories illustrate a very personal way, like ‘the Italians’ to family, religion, superstition , the sea and the caffè are. The author is a native Italian, knows that is the good and less good sides of their countrymen and white on amiable and sympathetic manner (and with a wink) to portray.

However, she lives long enough in Germany to the North Alpine perspective on the Belpaese are taking and to be able to play with common prejudices politics and current social issues are left out. Instead, she chooses “another way. I wanted to tell of the Italy that has remained in my heart, so I wrote timeless stories. For that I drew from their own memories and those of others, not to enrich without using my imagination”.

The three stories to each of the five subject areas is in each case preceded by a short introductory essay on the subject. Most telling is the look behind the scenes of the vaunted Italian family ties. they are still the “famiglia allargata” with parents, children, grandparents, uncles and aunts and their great advantage is that “guaranteed the emotional ties … a kind of safety net, to which one could almost always rely”.

Тhe texts provide differentiated insights into the Italian mentality and entertain us thanks to its clarity, the sensitive portraits (” eyes the color of the ocean, in be whole destiny was written” for the series” dtv bilingual “it is aimed at readers who want to improve their language comprehension pleasurable way.

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li est quickly the Italian text on the left side and will make the German translation on the right largely unnoticed until you pass a vague or tricky point pauses, to his understanding would make or needs a little help. This is convenient and works well – you get a taste when you move your mouse over the above quotations. You will be amazed how quickly you look accustoms, the more pages you have swallowed. Without conscious effort recurring basic structures to verleibt (as verb forms the past and conditional) and the themes typical vocabulary one.

The German version on the right side (it was created by Ina-Maria Mertens) is a sophisticated translation in good liquid German, but as close as possible to the original Italian. Occasionally removes them, however, as the following example illustrates little himself: “Così siamo fra di noi e ci divertiamo di più!” shortened Ina-Maria Martens “It’s much nicer when we are alone!” Who will help pinpoint searches, such as a certain vocabulary meaning or grammatical form can reach the limits of the procedure.

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“A Touch of Italy” by Valeria Vairo
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