How Does Racism Against Immigrants Affect Italy?

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Migration itself isn’t an issue to Italy, however, the issue emerges when the movement isn’t being controlled and the quantity of individuals coming into the nation legitimately and illicitly turns out to be a lot higher than what could be taken care of. With the quantities of individuals expanding yearly, makes taking care of things much progressively troublesome when outsiders are added to the blend. Middle Eastern immigrants leave their homes because of violence and war giving Italy governmental and social problems.

With being an immigrant and a child due to discrimination there are crucial unfairly health factors that are caused by racism. Racism and discrimination against children should not be acceptable. These kids are suffering, they should not be suffering over things people tease them about especially even if they are another race.

Unfair treatment based on skin color, age, etc. is one of the most related things that make it more likely that someone will get a disease for immigrants teens’ mental well-being .

This kind of unfair treatment based on skin color, age, etc. can be defined as unfair and differential treatment on the basis of family and cultural characteristics and as the daily hassles that members of lower status groups face. ‘Many studies have found that immigrant adolescents report higher levels of psychological complaints, such as anxiety and depressive symptoms, than do non-immigrants’. Studies have shown that discrimination towards the youth have greatly impacted the way they act. It causes them to suffer from anxiety and depressive symptoms.

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In this case youth immigrants going to Italy need to be able to adapt to new teachings, different language, and behavior types.

Immigrants from the middle east have different actions, thinking, and habits from those in Italy. They do not deserve to be treated different because of their race or whatever it is. Italians should accept and teach them their own ways and learn new things from immigrants as well. This evidence proven relates back to my question because Italy’s will be dramatically affected. It will affect there hospitals, death rates, and suicides puttin Italy in a tremendous place of desolate. Italy’s reaction to high influx of immigrants the government pushed the controversial Bossi Fini amendment to deal with the state emergency. Bossi Fini amendment ‘introducing criminal sanctions for persons caught illegally entering the country or who return after being expelled.’ Due to discrimination to immigrants the Bossi Fini amendment was affected. Immigrants had no legal document saying racism isn’t allowed but human right norms said otherwise.

The Bossi Fini Amendment should not have been a law Italy made. discrimination against other races is neither fair or moral. Immigrants should not need a legal document stating that Italians have no right in discriminating them. It should already have been a norm established in humans. The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (‘ICERD’) commits each State to forbid any demonstrations or practices of racial segregation against persons, gatherings of people, or foundations, and guarantees that nearby and national open experts attempt the obligation to agree to these arrangements. Some laws were made in order to give immigrants some leeway. It didn’t fully pass through that immigrants should not be discriminated. The ICERD was made so that Immigrants could live their life in Italy without being discriminated, and have equal rights as Italians.

Riots have broken out in symbolic places such as Rosarno, Calabria, and Milan’s Padova street in some cases. In the first case, immigrants, in particular Africans, used to pick oranges, were housed in deplorable conditions in the midst of public indifference, and after two of them were wounded by gunfire, cars and shops were revolted and burned. In response, they were hunted by Italians the next night. Due to immigration discrimination, Italians and immigrants are fighting each other and causing riots. On of the main problems riots start is because of disagreement between ethnicity, color, and beliefs. People shouldn’t be fighting because they don’t believe in the same, or they don’t look the same. Everyone is made different but should all be treated equal and in this case people are being treated crucial.

The bigot assaults on the Bangladeshis are only one picture to remember. Another story, from the extremely same week, turns around exploited people and culprits: a gathering of seven second-age foreigners assaulted and beat up two youthful Italians at Piazza Euclide, in the focal point of Rome’s most particularly upper-white collar class neighborhood, ‘Parioli’. Assaults against immigrants and non immigrants. This caused rebellious acts from both sides. They should not be fighting one another. This causes a problem to Italy because the violent crimes in Italy go up.

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