Places I Visited in Italy

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When I was growing up I lived in Germany so we traveled a lot. I’ve been all overseas and got the privilege of seeing some of these infamous sculptures. When I visited Italy I saw Milan Cathedral, the Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum, you can only imagine what sculptures and paints they had in these historic places.

The materials and tools that they used to build these sculptures and these times were pretty mind-blowing how they did it. Just imagine how long it must’ve taken building these sculptures to be built just by their bare hands, a hammer, and a chisel.

The materials that they used then, we do not use now. Roman Art is important because it put a big stamp on art in general, “The classic art of the Romans had a significant influence on art for many years. Sculptures of people became so popular that artists would mass-produce sculptures of bodies without their heads. … Some Greek statues only survive through the copies that the Romans had made” (Nelson, Ken).

The Romans worked stone, precious metals, glass, and terracotta but favored bronze and marble above all else for their finest work. I think it is crazy how smooth their sculptures turned out to be. Giving that the tools they had to use, how exactly did they get the sculptures to turn out the way that they did. An interesting fact about how some of the faces of sculptures were made by “keeping wax funeral masks of deceased family members in the ancestral home which were worn by mourners at family funerals.

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These were very often accurate depictions where even the defects and less flattering physical aspects of a particular face were recorded” (Cartwright, Mark). So pretty much these portraits give people an accurate example of how the person looked. A lot of these sculptures are still standing to this day, for centuries these sculptures have just been standing all this time. Now there may be a few that might have fallen apart, got touched up(repaired), or even got destroyed. But the majority of them remain the way they were built. These sculptures are considered to be art because of the way they were created and what they were for. These sculptures were for the gods, it was a way for the people to represent or show their appreciation for the gods. They were even placed in gardens as decoration, and in houses for protection. If these aren’t considered art then what exactly is it? Just because there may not be any color or a paintbrush involved, that does not exclude these beautiful creations. Think about all the hard work that was put into all of these sculptures. Most of the time they weren’t small at all. They were actual life-size, sometimes even bigger. These Roman Sclupltures originated in Greece.

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