Effective Communication: Partnership in Italy

The communication style the Mellisa used to impact the Italian partners performance is transactional model. Melissa exchanges messages between US and Italians. She is receiver and also a message sender. Melissa is an active listener. Because she is not only listened the content of the message, but also reflected it back. Melissa showed how productive and efficient she was at dealing with problems that frustrate italian partners. In this case, there are some internal noises and external noises. As for internal noises, they came from Italian partning company.

They passed negative messages to Melissa, they complained about the attitude of their partnering company in the US. However, what Melissa reacted was to gather all information precisely and quickly then provided them to Italian partners. She also drew a plan to Italian partners for the next fiscal year.The language barriers in between exchange information with US company.

This can be considered as either internal or external noises. I think Melissa’s main channel for solving problems between Italian partners and peers in American companies are email, face to face communication and phone calls.

These are the ways that she bridges the gap between the two partner companies. Because the Italian partners kept asking Melissa’s colleagues for information but was not fulfilled. After her trip to Italy, Melissa realized that the source of the partner’s frustration was lacking basic product information, so she knew that the Italian partner had a misunderstanding about the product. Secondly, Melissa established rapport with her partners, she will build trust on a purpose of a long-term goal in order to make sure they are on the same page about what they were doing.

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More importantly, Melissa will say that she has successfully established effective communication, provided accurate information, listened to their opinions and answered them very accurately even on the phone calls, video calls or face-to-face communication not just gain content of the message but also get they emotions, gestures, voices and body languages as well. I believe that’s the main source of information after Melissa’s visit. She built relationships between Italian partners and people who are based in the US, she established rapport. This can be benefited by Melissa who changed the behavior of Italian partners thought of US based company. Italian partners were impressed by her horizontal communication style and her personal power as well. This is a transactional model of communication.

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