Yellow Fever Turned Cities Into Ghosts

A deadly disease has been around for thousands of years each year killing many people in gruesome and excruciating ways. No one knew if there was any way to cure it. Nobody knew what had caused this ghastly disease. Nobody had any treatment for it. It would leave you on the streets trying to see if anybody would lend any money, but no one was there since everyone had fled or died the infested city. This disease appeared out of nowhere killing everything in its way and then disappearing without a trace.

It put everyone into dire poverty. Every year the disease was lurking in the shadows just waiting for some innocent victims to sacrifice their lives for nothing. It turned whole cities once-thriving into ghost cities. Whoever stayed was living on the streets in poverty.

If you didn’t die from Yellow Fever then there was a good chance that it would cripple your life. Yellow Fever is still haunting history to this day.

The person that would help overpower this deadly disease was just around the corner. Walter Reed was born in 1851 on September 13, he was born in Gloucester country, Virginia. His family moved homes a couple of times. He lived in Farmville, Bedford country, and Charlottesville at one part of his life. His father was a Methodist minister. He had five other siblings and was the youngest of five. He was the sibling of Laura L Blincoe, Rev. James Clayton Reed, Thomas Walke Reed, Christopher Reed and Half brother of Anna R Elam.

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Walter went to The University of Virginia and then he went to Bellevue Medical College, New York. Walter Reed received his first medical degree there in 1869 when he was only 17 at the University of Virgina. He received a second degree at the Bellevue Hospital Medical College in 1870.

He was one of two kids who earned a degree at 17. He also began studying Latin, Greek, literature, and history before he concluded he wanted to be a doctor. Walter Reed also went through chemistry, pharmacy, and anatomy. Dr. Reed was very important about finding the reason why this disease was haunting people. I think this because he was the leader of the team and without him, people wouldn’t be able to succeed. If Dr. Reed wasn’t able to take over the experiment after the time that Lazear died, Carroll was an invalid and Aroomonte was on vacation then they would be in trouble. Also, he was the one that got the money so that they could prove that the mosquitoes were definitely the cause of Yellow Fever. Also, Reed helped to get some of the volunteers for the experiment. Reed was the person who finally proved that mosquitoes were the cause of Yellow Fever.

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