Maid turned Madame: A Review of Edward Carey's PETIT

Already much in its early history, man has accomplished something that no other creature ever could very early: an image to form his own. In a small statuette of bone, wood, ceramic or stone its own way has a magical effect recognize exercised their pavers highest reputation have given. Finally, many cultures write alone divine beings that they had created the human race after its own image. When the individual began to emancipate from the anonymity of mass in the late Middle Ages, a portrait with personal features an icon of independent egos of the development of life-size imaging craft was.

In reaching a painter and not a sculptor such a striking effect as the wax sculpture that Wachsbildnerei, and as its uncrowned queen the Alsatian applies for two hundred years Marie Tussaud, born Grosholtz.

Their art is today associated with their name, developed into a global business model, which still relies on the primeval awe in the core in the face of the mirror image.

The modern increase in faithful wax figure is the selfie, and we show us addicted to new always narcissistic self-reflection and self-affirmation. Exclusive than the ritualized self-presentation in the photo is the alter ego of the 3D printer, but to admire even the ultimate way, is still to come: the cloning Soon after Marie Tussaud was born in 1761 in Alsace. was her mother that concern much more concrete concerns. For the Father is badly wounded in the Seven Years’ War home and dies soon. To accommodate herself and her child, she moved to Bern where it strange a job in which, misanthropic Dr.

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Philipp Curtius place.

But she desperately to its requirements. Body parts and organs of the deceased are delivered from the nearby hospital constantly, after which he modeled samples related to anatomy students. They would rather take his own life than he about to go to hand. At the place awakened, open-minded nature of the little orphan ( “ma petite”) Dr. Curtius favor and she takes as a ward under his care. She is interested in everything that goes on in the workshop before him, and for the countless anatomical objects on the shelves and display cases. So that it can exercise in copying, he gives her paper and pencil. Not least thanks to a successful casting of her head to Curtius’ activities become a lucrative business, and finally he leaves with the girl, the provincial town of Bern behind to conquer with its exceptional crafts Paris.

Dr. Curtius settles down at Charlotte Picot, where he can produce his wax heads in the tailor’s shop of her late husband – and soon takes a liking to the woman. Marie, now eleven, the cruel arbitrariness and humiliation of the lady of the house, meanwhile, is exposed to treated like a doormat. Curtius, completely under the thumb of Madame Picot, does not dare to stand by her side. Can Only deal as the master the rapidly growing volume of orders hardly, he makes Marie, despite strong protests from the widow to his right hand. More and more Parisians flock to the newly acquired, larger office building to the exhibited illustrious personalities over thresholds of the state, of awe, of horror unabashedly to look away in the eye: Voltaire, the Montgolfier brothers, Benjamin Franklin, as well as the poisoner Antoine-François Desrues and others. Among the amazed visitors is also Élisabeth, King Louis XVI, the fourteen-year-old sister.

On their own initiative, Marie is ten years at the court life of Versailles, almost bring the similar in stature and appearance princess all about the human body. In the castle she’s caught the misery and brutality of the city sky far, but remains its roots connected. As from 1789, the Revolution over Paris, the royal family and the country falls, will change for the citizens despite all the political programmatic nothing. Arbitrary and brutal repression reign continues. Nobles as revolutionary heads roll in masses, and the turnover of the wax sculptor and his efficient assistant achieved with new clients new heights. But then put personal development and international politics Marie and her two sons close to a move to London.

When Napoleon later imposed the continental blockade against Britain a few years, it is clear that they can never return to the warring France more. After three decades of around traveling with their figure exhibition, the seventy-four-opened finally its own museum in London, where she dies 1850th The English author and illustrator Edward Carey has researched the unusual life of the historic Madame Tussaud intensive and their resulting fictional autobiography created. What the patchy source material does not yield, he adds with his imagination. In his extensive novel ” Little < ” Edward Carey: “Little” at The book gives us a interesting, exciting and emotionally moving reading pleasure.

It leaves in our mind’s eye a vivid detailed picture of the characters of everyday life and the city of Paris created – with its streets full of stinking rubbish, its palaces, hospitals, prisons and ramshackle wooden houses, whose inhabitants are as run down as their dwellings. Not only hunger, misery and diseases such as smallpox plague the people, but also many brutalized citizens such as the butcher, who cut his family with an ax and sold the pieces as pork. Linguistically, particularly noteworthy are the numerous descriptions of fussy operation of the modelers and the descriptions of the heads, death masks and characters they created. Edward Carey and his translator Cornelius Hartz stand in their linguistic performance of the pictorial Ceroplastiker not after.

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