The Life Of William Carey

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He decided to talk about missions, one of the members told him that that wasn’t part of their job that missions were made for apostle only and that when they died missions were over. The discussion was over. William decided to study more about missions to discuss that topic later. William boss heard the discussion, he knew William was studying about missions so he decided to tell William to antique to study and that he didn’t need t work anymore that he was going to get paid by studying.

The research started like a short investigation which turned into an essay and later to a manuscript of a book, when William finished the manuscript it was a book. The title was really long in that time long tittles for books meant they were good books but Williams book title was so long the y called it just Enquiry. He didn’t had enough money to publish It. So it was kept as a manuscript.

One day he met a guy that was named Tom Potts, Tom read Williams book and he offer to pay the price for he book to be published.

William Carey Book

The book was published and it was really successfully. It was one of the best books of that time because it contained history, religion, and geography. All in five chapters. The book made everyone realize that missions were actually really important. They started a species to support missions. Every member promised to give as much money as they were able, William gave all the money he gain from the book.

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One day William received a letter from a guy in London, this guy was a real missionary.

William couldn’t believe a real missionary had wrote him a letter. They agreed to meet on the next meeting of the missionary society. The missionary was late but everyone get to know him, William stayed talking to him all night, he had so many questions and every answer brought a new question with it. The missionary told them all his history when he was working on his mission to spread the gospel in India. He told them he had a commitment to come back, and that he thought coming back with a new helper would be a great idea.

All the society agreed, they would have to maintain the missionary his fife and daughter as well as the helper and his family, they had not enough money so they started a tour to promote the missions on all the villages around. Williams wife didn’t agree to go with him, so he was going with one of his children, while her wife, the kids and the one on the way stayed at the village. The mission’s society agreed to maintain her while William was gone. On the tour they were able to gather enough money to maintain the missionaries family and William and his child Felix for a year more or less.

There was a bit of money left for them to sell something in India, the money they were going to gather approximately would give them enough no maintain themselves for sort Of another year. Finally on April they were all set to start the trip. They had no permission, so the missionary was friends with the captain of the boat, so he asked him what to do if they were not allowed to enter, the captain simply answered: ” if you’re not allowed to enter God doesn’t want you there”. He felt relieved with that simple answer, finally they started their adventure to India.

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