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Disease of the Civil War
Words • 483
Pages • 2
Typhoid Fever Typhoid Fever killed about 195,000 soldiers during the Civil War. (1) This disease is contracted by ingesting contaminated food and water. Symptoms may include red skin lesions, diminished mental ability, diarrhea, and/or a distended abdomen. There was practically no know cure or treatment for Typhoid Fever. Most physicians would prescribe turpentine, opium, whiskey, or a cold compress. A soldier could also be given mercury pills if those resources were available. (2) Dysentery Dysentery was the number one killer…...
African Swine Fever and Classical Swine Fever: Differences and Similarities
Words • 2613
Pages • 11
Since 2014, an outbreak of the viral disease African Swine Fever (ASF, not to be confused with Classical Swine Fever, or CSF) — which is not transferable to humans but has almost a 100% mortality rate (for the most virulent forms) in swine — has been occurring throughout Europe and Asia, affecting and killing hundreds of thousands of bush pigs, warthogs, wild boars, and domestic pigs. ASF is a highly virulent disease from the Asfarviridae family (its only genus is…...
Valley Fever in Our Valley
Words • 1244
Pages • 5
Introduction Unless you were born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley, more than likely, you have probably never even heard of Coccidioidomycosis. The reason is that this illness is most prevalent in the Central California rural areas. Because of its popularity in this region, Coccidioidomycosis is more commonly referred to as Valley Fever or San Joaquin Valley Fever. Even though there are many individuals that never heard of Valley Fever, it does not diminish the fact that this illness…...
FeverHealthInfectious DiseasesMedicine
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Yellow Fever Turned Cities Into Ghosts
Words • 459
Pages • 2
A deadly disease has been around for thousands of years each year killing many people in gruesome and excruciating ways. No one knew if there was any way to cure it. Nobody knew what had caused this ghastly disease. Nobody had any treatment for it. It would leave you on the streets trying to see if anybody would lend any money, but no one was there since everyone had fled or died the infested city. This disease appeared out of…...
FeverHealthMedicineYellow Fever
Typhoid Fever Infectious Bacterial Fever
Words • 547
Pages • 3
Typhoid fever is a disease that was originally found in hogs, which now many humans can get in countries that are non-industrialized. Typhoid fever is an infectious bacterial fever with a breakout of red spots on the chest and abdomen and intestinal irritation. Many believe that typhoid fever has been around since 430 BC, some even believe that this fever was responsible for widespread plague in Athens. Theobald Smith discovered this disease in hogs. Typhoid Fever can be an interesting…...
FeverMicrobiologyPublic Health
Synthesis Of Aspirin
Words • 1589
Pages • 7
Paper Type:Synthesis essays
This essay sample essay on Synthesis Of Aspirin offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion are provided below.Sypnopsis In this experiment, acetylsalicylic acid was synthesized from the acidification of salicylic acid and acetic anhydride. The objective was to convert a specific amount of salicylic acid into the same amount of aspirin that was high in purity. Furthermore, the other objectives were to enable students to conduct the synthesis…...
How a Frenchman Got the Virus
Words • 1202
Pages • 5
The book begins with a French Man, nicknamed Charles Monet, visiting the Kitum Cave*. A few days after, he begins to suffer from symptoms such as vomiting, red eye, and back pain. He is later taken to the Nairobi Hospital*. There, he goes into a coma and dies. Shem Musoke was infected by exposure to Charles’ blood and vomit. Musoke developed symptoms from the filovirus* and survived. This particular filovirus was found to be the Marburg virus*. Dr. Nancy Jaax…...
DiseaseEbolaEpidemiologyFeverInfectious DiseasesMedicine
Excedrin Overdose
Words • 1325
Pages • 6
This sample paper on Excedrin Overdose offers a framework of relevant facts based on recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body, and conclusion of the paper below.Excedrin Name: Date; Why Does Excedrin Have Caffeine Excedrin Introduction Excedrin is a drug that relieves headache pains, it usually comes in the form of tablets or capsules. It is composed of paracetamol (acetaminophen), caffeine and aspirin. The drug was first produced by the Bristol-Myers squibb company. It was however sold…...
Which Liquid Dissolves Aspirin The Fastest
Words • 364
Pages • 2
Practical Experiment Report 11-11-2013 Introduction This experiment was designed to investigate and compare the rates at which different aspirin tablets dissolve in both Water (H20 [representing saliva]) and Hydrochloric Acid (HCI [representing the stomach’s acid]). The amount of Water and Hydrochloric Acid will be kept constant between tablets, and tests. Aim To investigate and compare the rates at which different Aspirin Tablets dissolve. The different kinds of Aspirin tablets are: Enteric Coated Tablets Capsules Regular Tablets Dissolving Tablets.Essay Example on…...
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How a Frenchman Got the Virus
...Yet Nancy Jaax didn’t check her suit completely when dealing with Ebola. EBOV is a very rapid and hazardous agent that the human population should be alert about. “A hot virus from the rain forest lives within a twenty-four-hour plane flight from...
Which Liquid Dissolves Aspirin The Fastest
...Collect equipment mL of Water and Hydrochloric Acid into separate beakers or test tubes 3. 2. pour Add a single type of tablet to each beaker or test tube and start stopwatch 4. Record changes in liquid throughout the dissolving process (opacity, col...
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