Why We Should Help the Poor

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“ Being kind can strengthen your relationships and sense of satisfaction in life” – Karyn Hall PhD.

In my society, everyone cares about themselves. My government, mates and relatives they all care about themselves. They would say “my life first “. They believe their lives are more important than any other person’s life. They provide every necessary help to their relatives and love ones without thinking of other people who couldn’t afford a cost of living.

I grew up with this idea because this was the philosophy of life that I was brought up with.

I know how it feels when you have to share your few clothes with those who don’t have at all, it could be so frustrating when you see kids playing with toys but you don’t have one to play with. As a growing up kid, I began to question why my society is so selfish and self-centered. I had this urge for a better society, and when my friends decided to neglect the destitute I became closer to them.

I told myself they could someday become rich if the affluence in the society could come to their aid.

Why I Should Help the Poor

To help the poor became part of me since then. I decided to join an NGO movement where we visit the orphanage home and also give arms to the poor. We were able to sponsor some children to local schools, due to the shortage of funds we settled for lesser schools around.

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Later on, we admitted teachers who could teach the children basic education. I was filled with pride knowing that I am doing what I desired to do. I remind myself that I don’t need to give up whenever I feel tired of helping others.

As time goes on, I began to have a rethink when the society I am helping is turning against me. I began to face challenges; lack of funds, mockery, hatred, and rejection. I will never forget the day when a security man detained me, asking me where I get the resources I share to less privilege. This incident really affected me to the extent that I lost sponsorship from people. I began to see reasons why the affluence as refused to help the less privilege. instead of helping them, they spend lavishly on their families and themselves, they use their class to exploit the lower class and when there is an uproar from the poor, they are quick to blame the poor. They would tell them that they are lazy, idle, unintelligent and more dehumanizing words. They would even tell them to ask themselves if they merit their help.

Helping the Needy

A popular quote says “Giving up doesn’t really mean you are weak, but it simply means you can let go”. I decided to let go of the idea that I would stop helping because my society frowns against it. I realise that being kind strengthened me the more. It’s not about what I give out or how people respond to my help but it’s about the life I brought cheers to.

Every day we recorded numbers of disables, beggars, destitute people who die due to the fact that nobody is ready to help them. As anyone answers this question, how to create a kinder society before?.

I became much helpful because I was able to provide an answer. I created a platform where everybody comes to share their view about helping the needy. Our focus is to let people know that kindness has a lot of impacts on society. It’s not only about caring for your households alone but for strangers too.

I no longer have a rethink again. I am convinced that one day everybody will know that kindred heart promotes peace and love. Through my act of helping I want to convince my society that there’s more to life rather than being selfish. We have to serve our people and our society. Ones there’s a visible number of poor people in a society, regardless of how wealthy the affluences are, the society remains poor.

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