Why Football is an Important Sport

“He throws!” “He scores”, said a broadcaster from Sunday‘s game, Football is arguably the best sport in the United States, You should play football because you’ll have a very pleasant experience. You can also acquire useful skills needed for your life. These skills are cooperation, teamwork, endurance, integrity, respect, and determination. It may also get you in good shape if you work hard enough. Therefore, in football, you‘ll definitely gain a lot from playing the sport and have fun at the same time.

You should play football because everyone can play it, it’s easy to learn, and football will make you a better person through the lessons it teaches you. Football in all ways is an important sport It’s important because it’s not about the sport but about the passion, teamwork, dedication and goals that you make yourself It’s a very famous past-time and it’s different than soccer, basketball, baseball or any other sport, The game is even connected over celebration along with diplomacy.

For a start, there’s no age limit meaning that you can still play if you’re too young or too old. Tom Brady, arguably the best quarterback of all time and the face of the NFL is 40 years old and he‘s still playing better than he ever has.

In fact, football is part of the top three most watched sports in the US, Also, don’t get me started about the Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLV was the most watched or televised television program in United States’ history.

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Football’s fundamentals are also very basic, meaning that the game is easy to learn and enjoy whether it’s with your family or with your friends or even with a team, If you’re playing for your school or for a camp you don’t have to be a certain height or be very fast because coaches will put you where you best fit It‘s simple, if you’re on offense you try to catch the ball after the quarterback throws it to you or run the ball to score a touchdown. You have three or four downs meaning you can only mess up three or four times until you give the ball back to the other offense During those downs, you must go a certain distance to pass the line of scrimmage.

Football is a team sport, meaning that it requires 100% effort from every teammate, Therefore, if you are considering in trying football out, I would sincerely suggest that you should give it a go Who knows?, maybe you could end up being the next JJ Watt or Odell Beckham Jr, if you work hard enough at it, Football should be looked at because it is different than any other sport. As a team sport, it causes you to have fun and teaches you lessons that may help you in the future in a very competitive manner, Therefore, if you or your parents don’t like the concept of football, I’d highly encourage you to reconsider because throughout High School the sport that got me into shape and got me to keep up with my grades was football.


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