Why Is Agility Important In Netball

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My sport,being netball,is easy to identify strengths and weaknesses on the court due to the game being in quite a small area compared to games like rugby or football,and also doesnt have too many people on the court (7 players to each team), therefore its not hard to concentrate on all the players. Here,i am evaluating my strengths and weaknesses for certain aspects of my game. I play GA (Goal Attack) in netball,which is one of the most important positions on the court,due to it being an attacking player,it also 1 of the 2 layers that can shoot,so good shooting techniques and attacking is essential.

Things like co-ordination,agility,balance,fats reactions,etc is vital when playing this position. – Skills/Techniques My strength for this section would be co-ordination. I fell my co- ordination is strong as when i have the ball,i can concentrate on all the players ahead of me and more importantly,can focus on the players that i need to pass to to get the ball into the shooting circle.

I can also throw the ball in the right spot for an oncoming player which doesn’t waste time.

My co-ordination strength would be shooting aswell,as my shooting is mostly perfect,if not i can always get the target,but its the case of perhaps not lifting the ball high enough if i miss. My weakness here would be agility. Even though i feel my agility is reasonably good,there is alot of room for improvement.

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If i have a good defence against me,it can be harder to change direction quickly as they are sticking by me constantly to prevent me getting the opportunity to shoot.

Muscular Power In Netball

In netball,it is vital to be able to move quickly,so this,i need to practice more to nable myself to challenge good defenders more than i do now. A perfect netball model would be incredibly agile and challenge all her opponents without struggle or effort. – Strategies/Tactics One of my strengths for this section would be working with my neighbour positions (GS,WA and C). In our team we work well together and can all understand each other. I know when to recieve from the center or wing attack as we all need to ball to be recived by me or the GS to be able to score.

I find it easy to get into the right spaces in our attacking third as there is no vercrowding in the attacking third and everyone is working together. I can create moves to confuse the defender whic gives the other attacking players time to get away from their defenders. My weakness would come under the fact that when the ball is coming down the court from our defenders,I sometimes tend to rush into the centre third to bring the ball up to the shooting area. This often causes abit of rushing in the centre third,panicking and confusion.

It also prevents the team from getting the ball down to the shooting hird due to an extra player being in the centre third when they should be up in the shooting third. The perfect netball model would be aware of the space she needs to create and only move to the centre third when is absolutly necessary e. g the other attackers cannot get away from their defenders. – Fitness Finally,i see fitness as the most important aspect of any physical game. My strength for fitness would be my muscular endurance.

I rarely ever feel my muscles getting tired through a game as i have developed muscular trength and endurance over the years and as i’ve got older its become stronger. My muscles can work for a long period of time i feel,and even towards the end of a game i can use them just as much and they work just as well as in the beginning of a game. The strength of my muscles especially in my legs help me to jump to intercept passes from the opposing side or a rebound off the shooting post. My weakness however would be my cardiovascular fitness. I don’t feel know where near as fit as i could be.

I think my ardiovascular fitness isn’t as good as it used to be due to not doing as much training as i used to. I think it is vital in an all important match,coming towards the end of the game and you need just a couple of goals to win,fitness can change a game. Improving my cardiovascular fitness will help me become a better player by being able to constantly be on my toes and 100% alert,therefore help the game become more fluent. A perfect netball model would have superb fitness as it is essential,and would be able to keep strong throughout the game.

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Why Is Agility Important In Netball
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